Do You Know Your Partner?

Hey hey hey! So If you have been watching the news a guy nicknamed “Evans” and his gang have been arrested for several kidnappings in the Festac area spannong the last four years. They are said to have made upwards of $4million as ransom.  Yes you read the amount correctly. The guy owned two houses in Magodo 2 in Lagos- a very very decent area and 2 houses in Accra.

Now I know Nigeria we don’t care where, when or how people make their money. For most people just have the damn money and you are good to go. While this dude and his gang were busy destroying lives, his family – wife and kids were “laspirating” and chopping life.  Nobody around him cared…he allegedly told some people he was pushing drugs. 

I remember finding out someone who I was considering dating when I was about 19 was doing Yahoo. I simply told myself- jailtime isnt worth it….I dont care what you can buy me- freedom is indeed priceless. Lets not even begin to discuss the lives criminals destroy in the process. Same way I look at politicians children and government officials children with side eyes.

Now my question is what are the chances the wife didn’t know his line of business? My husband has a home office and a regular office and never for one day have I gone through his stuff, but I hear his phone conversations and I ask him what he is working on. I mean if he was a drug pusher, she stayed with him and had five kids…. if he was a trader she had never heard him talk of goods arriving? 

I always wonder about women  who marry criminal men. Like what happens when dude goes to jail? Which happens often enough. I am watching Pablo Escobar’s – Patrin Del Mal on Netflix and one thing struck me- his mother generally encouraged his horrible behaviour with the narco trafficking and death squads. His wife would complain every now and then, and also be worried her kids couldn’t have a normal life. She never outrightly at any point opted to walk away from the money knowing fully well it wasn’t legit.

And another thing is that these people are usually very religious. As in Escobar’s own was always the virgin Mary prayer or Holy Child of Atocha. In short na them holy pass.

My question is that is it possible for a big time criminal’s wife not to know he is one?

You can read the story Here if you still don’t know what I am on about

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  1. chrisyinks // June 13, 2017 at 22:58 // Reply

    I’d find it hard to believe that a woman married to a renowned kidnapper like the guy in question would have no knowledge or inclination of what he does for a living? Ignorance can’t be a defence here – the mere fact that money is always available and she can’t place his source of income is enough to set alarms off.

    It is always advisable that one has a good sense of the values of one’s spouse. That way, one doesn’t need to worry so much about what one’s spouse does per time, one’d always know what guides the spouse’s decision process and consequently what choices the spouse would make given any situation.

    PS: I find that the lengths a man is willing to go for money is a good indication of his values and outlook in life. It’d be difficult to believe that a kidnapper wouldn’t have consistently shown undesirable values in a union as intimate as a marriage that has brought forth children.


  2. He has confessed that his wife knew about the business…she even collects ransom money for him.I don’t think that’s very wise of him. Who will take care of those poor kids if they’re both thrown in jail?
    According to reports, his wife was previously married to one of his gang members who he reportedly killed and then married her.
    His story also reminded me of Pablo Escobar’s story and how his wife and mother were complicit in the crimes committed. I watched ‘narcos’ though and not the other version you mentioned.
    There’s also another series ‘power’ which chronicles the life of a drug dealer…his wife is also in the know and supports him wholeheartedly. She’s the typical ‘ride or die chick’.

    It will shock you what women can do for comfort.


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