One of Those Days!

Hey my people how are you doing? I hope well. Today is one of those days for me- a lot to do and it feels like I just want to sleep and watch more Pablo Escobar stuff on Netflix.
I have been busy with crochet work and trying out new patterns. I have work till the end of the month and I have not decided which outfits to make for my girls for their cake smash session. Maybe I will make bunny outfits or Barney related stuff since that’s what they seem to like these days.

This morning I had pizza and icecream for breakfast. Why? Just because I can😂. I am feeling very inspired on doing the right thing with my life. You know that decision to chase money vs a purpose that we all have to make. It’s very hard making the decision when you are low on money or a lot of things need doing with money. 

It becomes clearer each day what way to walk. I think I have finally started creating that circle around me of the positivity that I need.

How are you? How is your week?


3 Comments on One of Those Days!

  1. Good job Ms pynk.
    I’ve been expecting something i worked hard for to come through for a while now, but it just seems like everytime i feel i can see the finish line the line is moved again. I’ve decided I’m done waiting.


  2. The pursuit of happiness may not always be financially rewarding, however, you can’t shake off the peace you feel within.

    I’m good. It’s been a very very busy week. 24 hours didn’t seem enough. Well, it hasn’t been for a while now. But it’s all good.


  3. Honestly Ms. Pynk, I do say to myself, “if I make money from it and don’t feel particularly sad while at it, I’d be fine.”


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