Happy New Week

Romphim & maniators- yay or nay?

Hey everyone how is it going? I am good, been a bit busy with crochet work and trying out some new designs for the absolute fun of it. There is so much to do, such little time. My orders are backlogged by about a month now….can’t complain much, I am the one that decided to tow the path. 
One thing I have found though is that the African crochet community almost doesnt exist or if it does, just not online. I see work mostly done by Europeans or Americans. I guess we have too many real life struggles. But crochet helps one escape- at least for me it does.

Something else I have noticed – there isn’t really a mummy and me space online for Nigerians. I have been looking for a swim class for my girls. My complex has refused to sort out the pool (don’t try to figure out where I live- you will fail)😂😂😂. I feel like they are starting late at 1 year. I can’t seem to find any Nigerian one stop mommy and kids site that is up to date. I know keeping up sites is hard especially when there is no immediate pay. But there is a need for this truthfully…do you know of any? Any mummies wanna set up one? Hell maybe I should do it..but I barely have time for this page (I am still begging for submissions)! 

How are you looking forward to the week? My own week is starting with groove tomorrow for a special 80th birthday. This week is also special because my mommy is coming back- yay!😂 Everyone needs their mommy, forget that I turn 35 in less than one month. Oops did I say that?

Please share some inspiring or exciting words with us.

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  1. God’s will is always better than our best desires. However the tide turns, trust Him. Just do your best and watch Him take charge. Patience and Faith are very key though. Have a wonderful day filled with pleasant surprises.


  2. Nay. I used to have that style of outfit. Army green. Never imagined it on a guy, now I’m seeing it. Wonderful.

    A safe arrival to your mom. I’m sure she’s missed her grandchildren like crazy. Happy birthday in advance! May your heart desires come to you easily and quickly.


  3. Check out bolakrafts on ig…..naija babe for yankee based. She crotchets esp to donate to hospitals.

    It’s interesting we don’t have more people crocheting. Remember secondary school, JSS days, we all have to crotchet, knit and sew for home econs projects. Why didn’t it stick? lol

    My cousin takes his kids to Lagos Country Club for swim classes. I can’t tell you how good or bad the classes are sha. At least the kids are not afraid of water. A bit far for you.

    May the stars align for you, you and you this week. All things working together for your good.


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