Let’s Travel! Thailand Part 2

In case you miss part one, you can read up HERE

Below is the second installment. Enjoy!!!!

Phase two: Chiang Mai (4 Nights)

So after a long nice flight, we landed at Bangkok International airport. We took a cab to the local airport and boarded Air Asia to Chiang Mai (we bought our ticket before we landed at Air Asia site).

Rooftop at The Opium Serviced Apartment and HotelSomeone from the hotel (The Opium Serviced Apartment and Hotel) came to pick us up. It was such an amazing place and the customer service was great. We rested well and started our adventure the next day. We took a small Keke-like truck to a temple (Wat Phra That Doi Suthep). We climbed 320 stairs, bought roasted corn, hats, badass Ray Ban shades (of course it was a knock off) and a Thai native trouser (of course we wanted to feel among). It was such an amazing day. The highlight was meeting these two little lovely native girls, one was so active. She took our phones from us and showed us how to pout, I kid you not.


two native girls

temple girl teaching me to pout

There was a point in the temple where we actually became the tourist attraction. We had a lot of Asian people come up to us to take pictures with us. It didn’t last for too long, because another African girl appeared from nowhere dressed like a true African princess with her dada hair, I still beef her till this today (next time I am travelling to Asia I am making braids or crochet). Throughout our trip we had people try to take pictures with us or of us.

A random guy backing his dog….

Chiang Mai

Bells at the temple

and more bells….

and more bells………

We went to a mall not so far from our hotel to window shop and have dinner (there were so many options and different national meals to pick from). As long throat people, we entered a fancy restaurant, on getting the menu the food was so cheap we ordered a three course meal and even had an actual coconut with a straw in the middle for drinks. The three-course meal my friend and I ordered, cost less than N3, 700 for both of us.

foodie.. this was just a person’s portion

The next day we went to “Maetaman Elephant Camp”. We were picked up from our hotel. It was such an amazing tour. It started out with an amazing experience with the elephants. We played with them, watched them take a bath in the river, paint a tree and played football. We also rode on them over the mountains. We went on a rack, rode on some oxen, had an amazing lunch and met some other amazing tourist from different countries (their adventure seemed more fun because they were going to about two or more countries in Asia, they didn’t have visa palava). We also visited the long neck tribe village (they are Vietnamese) were we learnt about the community and how these few people are here to help raise money for the country.

Elephant ride convoy

The beginning of our Elephant show… The elephants played football, basketball, rolled, drew on a white board and so on

When the elephant lifts you up with its trunk

On the rack

The racks

long neck tribe village

Long neck tribe kids

That evening was also my friend’s birthday so we went out for dinner

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  1. It was a lovely read. You make me want to go on vacation already. 🙂


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