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So here I am saying I will post today, maybe tomorrow, maybe today lol. How are you and how has the week been? Mine has been relatively uneventful except it looks like my hobbies may become profitable far sooner than I expected. In case you don’t know what my hobbies are I will let you in on them.

Crocheting – I like to crochet free patterns while I watch TV. I find it very difficult watching TV alone. I have to do something else. Visit my Instagram page pinkthriftcrochetdesigns to see what I have been up to.

I also love to read, but a change in my lifestyle hasn’t really encouraged that. But I am trying to get back on the band wagon. I have been getting a lot of book review requests and starting to wonder if I somehow missed my calling in this life all along. Lol.
How has your week been? Hope it was a lit as the interpreter’s at this snoop dog concert’s. 😂😂😂

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My little dolls are almost one. I have Toddlers it seems now, these two are just a handful. I am trying to plan their photo outfits even though I haven’t paid the photographer yet (talking about working backasswards)! Four outfits and I got 3 thought out, I have considered doing traditional outfits for them- but I mean I dont even know whether to do Yoruba or Esan for them.


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  1. chrisyinks // May 11, 2017 at 12:19 // Reply

    Hehe…the interpreter is definitely the ish.
    My weeks has been filled with reading…thankfully I get done with my last exam today. A few travels shortly after I finish my exams and then I back to my normal routine.
    Glad your hobby has financial prospects….Happy birthday in advance to the little ones…time really flies by so quick, was about saying wasn’t it a few months ago, we were celebrating their birth.


  2. She’s having fun also. My week, hmm, in fact for the past months, 24 hours doesn’t seem to be enough anymore. Roller coaster of unavoidable activities.
    I’m glad your babies are so close to one already. They’ll see more and better years in good health, wisdom and grace. I’ll suggest you do both Yoruba and Esan. If you can.


  3. lauretta // May 13, 2017 at 11:26 // Reply

    Lol@esan or yoruba, you can do both and choose the one you prefer. It will be really nice seeing your cute dolls rock traditional outfits.


  4. Please we no go gree. Esan it is. #Teamdaddy

    Gosh it feels like yesterday you were preggos, now babygirls are turning 1. God truly is awesome


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