Vive Le France

If you don’t understand that one google it. You see my brother Emma won the elections. While it is still in doubt as to whether he won or people simply voted against the witch Marine Le Pen, I am beyond glad he won. You see Emmanual Macron may be inexperienced, but at least one Western Country has allowed  peace or what looks like it to reign. Hate peddlers such as Le Pen are becoming too common in the world these days. Everybody is blaming problems on others, xenophobia is becoming the order of the day etc.
I am happy that however he won, he did. However it says a lot that one third of French  voters still voted for her despite all the hate she is peddling.  I wonder how the world has gotten so bad that we have so much hate in our hearts and are so easily willing to close off to others. 

BREXIT and Trump are examples of hatred winning even though Trump is spinning around in dizzying circles. The Republican party in the US is likely to lose the house and Senate come 2018, hopefully the Democrats can sit up. Its painful that House Reublicans kicked so hard against the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and signed off the Trumpcare act without even reading the damn bill, yet half of their constituents especially those from poor states are benefitting from it. Good luck with Bill the redneck (yes I am a xlown for this one) whose Obamacare insurance gets snatched away voting for Republicans in 2108. Its funny that most of the Trump voters in the typical middle belt states are the poorest across the country and typically benefit the most from Federal social welfare programs often funded by the Richer states. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Meanwhile is it true Buhari has gone back to London again? 

I need French citizenship for the next 3 years as they seem the only ones with sense right now. Who sabi the road?


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  1. chrisyinks // May 8, 2017 at 13:01 // Reply

    Abeg, create space for me on your journey to France ohh…..I’d just have to saddle up with speaking the French language – one that has eluded me for years.
    Good news indeed, coming out from France. Respect how his ‘unusual’ personal life wasn’t a factor in the elections….definitely I doubt that can happen in Nigeria now or in the nearest future.


    • Chrisyinks I can’t speak a lick of French either. They tried to harp on his unusual personal life, ehn but nobody cared jare.


  2. I haven’t commented in a while but I’m so happy about this news! I’m British and still smarting from Brexit, in fact me and my bf started talking seriously about getting married because of this…baby girl needs papers to continue her ajala ways. I also need them so I can have access to EU scholarships, Erasmus etc. for my studies. All my language skills cannot come and become useless. I’m so happy that the Netherlands and now France have done the right thing in spite of the hate peddlers. Thank God!!!
    Fraternité all the way! Vive la France, vive la paix, vive l’amour!
    Sorry for the epistle, I’m just so happy right now.


  3. This is refreshing news OAD. infact imy inspired to run from office now.
    Chris , OAD ‘comean’ sponsor me.

    Clare for President


  4. This is refreshing news OAD. infact I’m inspired to run for office now.
    Chris , OAD ‘comean’ sponsor me.

    Clare for President 2023/24


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