Welcome May

Hey hey hey! It’s May, 2017 is just speeding past like it’s a Maserati. How goes it? One third on the year is gone, yes you read correctly, gone. How are you doing- emotionally, professionally and financially? Nigerian has been a mixed bag in these times, but we must survive and be positive while doing it.
As for me, the year thus far has been a learning curve. I am learning a lot about myself and how to balance my roles. For instance the nannies have started changing diapers and assembling baby bottles. I have babies that are almost toddlers- I talk to them a lot more now, sometimes they answer back. One of my girls likes to kiss pictures and yell mwah while the other blows kisses backwards with her hands. 

My husband has been awesome (note I didnt say perfect). He does a lot of the grocery shopping for the house, so thats usually one less thing for me to think about. I am slowly getting back to owning my life- I am proud of myself👏. It’s ok to pat one’s self on the back. 

Crochet is coming along – I have some generic gift box ideas in mind – Like a blanket and teddy bear combo with initials on the blanket. These are awesome lifelong keepsakes. How many times do babies receive gifts that are just made for them? 

I also have plans for this website and hope to integrate an e-commerce section to it. God help me. Also this month I hope to start including guest writers. I have a few people on board. I want to do crochet videos for beginners but I need to get a tripod and stuff for my phone to be able to record it. I am feeling very ambitious God help me.

I have decided May will be a month of positivity.  I don’t want to post anything negative or debbie downerish. So I start by saying

“There is beauty is you, have you seen it”? Do you need help seeing it? If yes how can we help? 

I wish you a productive May! Let us all work smart to be better at what it is we do. We have life, we have choice.

May your May be beautiful and much more!


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  1. chrisyinks // May 1, 2017 at 16:40 // Reply

    Amen. Thanks for the wishes and prayers.
    Really wish you the best with your plans and desires. Also, to help the ministry of guest writing, I’d love to contribute. Perhaps furnishing the blog with themes, puzzling questions needing informed perspectives, life experiences and other topics you’d like to see discussed etc can help unsettled minds like mine (and perhaps a few out there) to come up with aticles. Thankfully, I get my summer break in a fortnight, so I have circa 3 months to contribute my two cents.
    Happy New Month to you Pynk, your hubby, your twins, and the bigger family.


  2. Happy new month! I love May because it is my birth month. I wish everyone a wonderful month.


  3. For some unknown reason, I’m feeling more positive about this month just after reading this! I believe it will be a very good one for me, amen.


  4. Happy new month to you mami. I’d be really interested in the crochet tutorials, I hope you start them soon.
    Have a blessed May.


  5. lauretta // May 4, 2017 at 17:16 // Reply

    Oh my fabulous miss pynk, happy new month. Very busy month for me, but i thank God for the blessings and miracles. You are so blunt like me, lol… Whoosh.. Sending out plenty love❤❤❤❤


  6. This year is truly flying by. Gosh i have been away from blog life too long. I love the pic of the girls all decked up in mamas wears. Please how are we planning their birthday party. We the faithful followers demand an online party. Anything for free jollof rice (Even if its virtual….sticks tongue out)


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