Hey Everyone 

How is everyone? Sorry wordpress has been acting up bigly these days. How was your week and how is your three day weekend going? As for me, all is well.  Hada a few crochet orders to fulfill and working on a few things simultaneously.  My girls turned 10 months old yesterday and I am not ready for 1. Lol I know.

Thanks to wordpress I lost some draft posts so please bear with me. 

One of the orders that went out earlier.
Please follow us for your unique baby gifts and items.  All items are customized, so you are getting something tgat was made for that particular baby. And all orders come in gift boxes, all you have to do is add on a card if you so wish and shazzam!👍

I am looking for someone that can make me fabric labels for my items. Please if you know of any reasonable business that can do so, kindly leave their contact details in a comment below. I am also looking to print a few cards – business card size. 


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  1. Chrisyinks // April 30, 2017 at 12:32 // Reply

    cool! Glad the ministry has taken off, and is moving to the permanent site.


  2. Hallelujah. let me book my own on Instagram


  3. Very lovely. I have a 5 week old cousin and I can just picture him in something like this for his dedication or at least the after party..

    You do good work Ms Pynk


  4. Lovely.


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