Haba – Some Designers Though

So I have the bag on the right. I use them from everything from laundry to hauling large amounts of grocery from the car etc. I even use them for storage. The best part is they are ridiculously versatile. But for someone to come and rebrand the same thing for $2k when they cost a dollar at Ikea is just ridiculous. There is nothing inspired about the creation of the bag- just the addition of a zipper. But can I really knock their hustle?

Happy Monday Hope your Monday is more Original than this. Lol.


3 Comments on Haba – Some Designers Though

  1. Packaging does the trick i guess. For some people, the more expensive it is, the more attractive the item.


  2. i don’t know why but this made me laugh really well. all the best to the $2k buyers.


  3. Branding changes the game! But I wouldn’t buy it.


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