N30k Winnner

Hey everyone how are you? So the winner for that N30,000 contest by David Thoreau has been selected and contacted. It was Chioma Lauretta. I know there were challenges with purchasing the book from Nigeria and we are working on fixing that. Once that is sorted, it is likely another contest will be held for those that didn’t get the chance to participate in this one. 

On another note, how has your week been? Mine has been filled with possibilities. I won something on instagram from crafties4all  (a craft and hobby store) here in Lagos. The question was on how to price your handmade items.  As a creative, I find it very difficult to place a monetary value on my items because sometimes I feel that folks won’t buy it because it’s too expensive. And if I sell it for too cheap I am giving away my valuable time. I have been encouraged to sell my stuff and I am working on it. I just have to come up with a name (I want something with “creative” in it). Lol. I took my etsy store offline since I left the states. 

I am very willing to admit at this point that I am extremely talented and need to profit off my work. So If you want something or would like to buy a piece, please do let me know. I don’t sell at Gucci prices – at least not yet. Lol. 
This is my longest labor of love thus far – it took me a month off and on. Each flower and square was individually crocheted and all squares joined together.

Field of flowers

Right now WP is misbehaving so I will psy pictures some other time of my work.


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  1. chrisyinks // April 22, 2017 at 04:38 // Reply

    Congrats Chioma!
    My week has been very interesting and is ending on a positive note – one that I am thankful for, and could not have imagined.
    Per pricing, your ‘work of art’, you have to identify who is your target market and ensure that your product is essentially what they are willing to pay a premium for, thus, you’d be able to sell at a decent price. But then, I’m pretty sure you know all this.
    Nice job with the field of flowers!


  2. Yaaaaaay, thank you so much Miss pynk and David, God bless you. I am so excited, thanks a lot.
    Oh Miss Pynk, you work is so beautiful. I think social media will generate your sales, especially if you can buy followers on Instagram and post your work. Thank goodness it is affordable.
    Thanks Chrisyinks, God bless you all.


  3. This is beautiful Miss Pynk,let us know when you start selling so i can get some for my sis.
    Congrats Chioma!


  4. www.thelmathinks.com // April 24, 2017 at 01:26 // Reply

    Miss Pynk! I’ve missed your blog. Just some names bouncing round my head; Creatively Pynk, Creative Crochets, OAD Creations, Creatively Me!, Soo Creative (Inspired by So Yummy), Creative Knits, Creative Knits&Knots, Knits Creative, Creative Needles… Dunno, you may be able to get an idea from these. Best wishes as you monetize.


  5. Thanks Kiki!!!


  6. Oh how I lovely crocheted items…especially kiddies and babies.
    Your works have always looked really good. Well done.


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