Not Your Business 

So why does everyone on the internet think they have a right to an opinion? I have been reading comments on questioning the biological paternity and maternity of the child talking about Eissa (the baby) has a white undertone. And you just have to shake your head- who cares where the sperm or egg that created the baby came from? The woman and her husband  (well soon to be ex) – decided to have a child and is it really any body’s business how they did so? More so both of them are not from any pure race – Janet is black American and as we know those people whose ancestors were slaves are a bunch of everything and Wisam is from the middle East think trading routes.

I have two extremely light skinned children. My daughters make me almost look very black😂. But when you put both of them with their grandmothers it’s obvious where they get their undertones and even looks from. My husband funny enough is lighter than I am, because he has a whiter understone and I have a yellower one. People forget that genes can skip generations and damn well show up when they please. I have brothers who are darker than me with extremely light kids and some have dark kids too. 

Genetics is a beautiful thing and folks need to live and let live. In Nigeria we hear about 60 year old women having twins, triplets etc. People don’t share their stories for fear of being judged- many times those stories can help others, but too mamy people will be busy judging them and playing Judgina as to how the child isn’t really their because they used someone’s eggs or sperm or adopted the baby.
Let us be sensitive in how we treat and speak of each other. God created things the way he did- doctors etc to lend other humans part of his healing hands.

Now if folks are stupid- that’s a different ballgame- feel free to call them out most times, but sometimes you even gotta ask yourself- is it your stupid?😂



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  1. People need to really mind their business. The effort they put in analysing another’s man business if they add the energy to their own their life would be so much better.
    The baby is white ehn ehn, is it their white? Lol


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