You are Enough

Hey everyone happy new week! I have wanted to create this post for a long time – months in the sense of it. You see pregnancy and motherhood have done a few numbers on me. I’ll explain.
I went from running marathons and having a damn near six pack to being pregnant with twins and having a 59 or so inch waist a day to my delivery.  While I am appreciative of a relatively stress free pregnancy, I have struggled a bit with my idea of standards when it comes to my body. I gained 60 pounds during pregnancy, lost 30 pounds the first week and dropped another 28 or so by the 7th month at best. But in my mind it wasnt quite enough.

I didn’t really stop to consider that I am up everyday by 6am to take care of two children till 7.30pm everyday. While I have help, the majority of their care rests with me. I kept projecting my idea of “where I should be” bodywise onto myself. And it was adding stress to many areas of my life.

I have always wanted to write a book. Yesterday after talking with my sidekick (my husband), I realised that while I was happy, I was introducing room for unhappiness based on ridiculous standards. I went onto Facebook and saw a post by my cousins who is a life coach.  She said something that struck me…you may not think your life is good enough or that you are even good enough, but you are and one day the universe will recognize it.

I realised that I have always had a running blog from 2006 to now 2017 with the exception of maybe 1 or 2 years in between. I write almost two to three times a week easily, so why is writing a book all of a sudden stressing me out? While I might not know the difference between prose and God know what else, I am a writer. Who set the standards for me being a writer? I did and will continue to do so. 

Over the weekend I wrote three short stories for children – whether they are readable or not is another question but I wrote them. I am proud of myself and will work on editing and illustrations.  If not for anything, at a minimum I will print the finished product and add them to my children’s libraries. I have committed to writing and adult book soon and while it seems daunting I am sure it can get done.

My message to everyone today is you are enough. Don’t think you are? There is at least one person that thinks so…do not set impossible standards for yourself…work with where you are and enjoy it while you do it. If you do it consistently enough you will get there.

That N30k is still up for grabs HERE 
I understand the process to get the book online is a bit tedious but I was able to get it off LULU with my Nigerian Bank card. The contest closes next monday.

Have a wonderful week ahead and remember to share witha friend don’t keep it to yourself. Thanks.

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  1. chrisyinks // April 10, 2017 at 14:11 // Reply

    thanks for this refresher. Do have a beautiful week yourself.


  2. Thank you, i needed this reminder. The truth is working with where you are can be seemingly difficult especially when you set high standards for yourself, but oh well !!! Thank God for life…


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