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You know I am not a believer in spanking. To me spanking is a waste of time. I had started yelling by default as my girls tend to pull each others hair, snatch stuff from one another etc. My husband sent me something on yelling at your kids. So I opted to change – yelling was just me allowing them to frustrate me. Lol I have stumbled upon the best punishment for them when they attack each other….see below.

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  1. chrisyinks // April 5, 2017 at 23:46 // Reply



  2. True. Yelling has the opposite effect and removes power from your hands. Just wait till they’re toddlers…you haven’t even started. .
    Sometimes though, spanking has a way of driving the message right into their heads (I’m a typical African mama)
    I’ve found out that what also works is with-holding treats if they’re naughty.
    Ps: I’m going to try the punishment in the video u posted. Hilarious.


    • Frida I cant do the spanking one for me its just not it. Talking to yes but spanking no. Withholding anything works lol. My punishment in secondary school was Withholding of my allowance- nothing hurt more


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