How Far Will You go?

Hey everyone, welcome to the new week. How is everyone doing? I have finally read What the Kitchen Told Me for the fourth time. I read it once every week and I got something different from it each and every time.

Something struck a chord in me. I realized I used to be a go-getter and big time hustler in the true sense of the word. Many circumstances have made me relax a lot. I love my husband, but he is one of the circumstances- down to curtains in my house I don’t have to lift a finger. They bring samples, I pick what I like and he negotiates with them. I have been married to him for almost three years and I have gotten to the point I don’t even ask for the cost anymore. God bless his heart and good intentions, but they are making me lazy….lol.

I found the quote below in the book.

You don’t have to be the most talented, the most popular , or the most gifted, but you do have to hustle. What are you willing to do that others are not to get to where you want to be?

What the Kitchen Told Me by David Thoreau

I remembered when I was an undergraduate…I started out studying Biology to try to go to med school. Lets say I hated chemistry enough to fail it. I picked the next best thing I was good at- Mathematics.

I ended up studying applied math and stats for my first degree. I am sure you are thinking how brilliant😂. Did I tell you I failed Calculus 3 once before I passed it? Did I also tell you I failed Linear Algebra once? Funny thing is those failures spurred me on. I was determined to pass and graduate from that department.  I wrote my undergraduate paper 5 times- I ended up writing a paper on the correlation between pascals triangle, probability and quadratic equations – I will never forget because it turned out to be so simple but the Head of Department thought it was brilliant.

As much as I would like to consider myself intelligent- most days I remember that I am somewhat average. But I was willing to stick my neck out and get that degree. Guess why? I didn’t want to be like anyone else, I wanted to set myself apart from all the other graduates. Do you know I ended up with a lot of scholarships for Women in science and Engineering despite my “average” grades?

I graduated with a C+ GPA  equivalent. But beat this – In my graduating class of 3,000 graduates ( I attended a public University in NY) only 23 people graduated from the department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics. Of those 23, 3 were women of those 3, I was the only black female.

I have never applied for a job, gotten called for an interview and not get offered the job – many times I decline if the package is not favourable to me. People generally form an opinion of you from your cv. The consensus is that I am intelligent- meanwhile I use the calculator on my phone like everybody else. I went on to do an MBA in finance and lets just say I graduated with almost a perfect GPA – I am kinda smart afterall.

My question to you today is where are you going and what are you willing to do to get there?

Right now I am going to be a school owner and I am scrapping up my money and efforts to get there. When will I get there? I have set my own timeline to get there.

On another note both of my kids decided to walk together yesterday so I am busy trying to hide stuff around my house. I have 2 9 month old banshees on the loose.


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  1. The difference btw failure and success is trying relentlessly until you make it…never giving up. It’s never easy or straightforward.

    Ps: Both your kids started walking
    on the same day? They’re truly twins in every sense of the word. They also started walking quite early. Now the real work begins. Baby proof away!


  2. How far will i go?
    As far as this Spirit of laziness which I’m binding right now will allow me go. Lol
    On a serious note tho, this just shows there’s so much work still to be done.
    The girls are walking, yay! Now you get to chase them around.


  3. chrisyinks // April 3, 2017 at 17:10 // Reply

    On most days I’m not sure how far I’d go to achieve what I truly want. But I know I don’t like being beaten, so if there’s a possibility that one more try could make the difference, I’d make that try. Leadership on a large scale is where I’m headed….not sure if that’s gonna be in the public or private sphere just yet.


  4. Wow your 2 kids are walking!!!!! Real work starts

    Thank you, I can’t thank you enough. I needed this at this point in my life. School has not been easy with 2 kids , I toyed with the idea of stopping for a while. Thank you.


  5. This year I decided I wanted to go far oh. Put my hustle on and i’m seeing results.

    – Intensified my job search and got a pretty good job that i’m actually loving.
    – Joined a dating app, met a few interesting gentlemen.
    – Slid into one fine single man’s dm, and we are having a fun time hanging out.
    – Next up is starting a networking happy hour in my city. I love bringing people together and i’ve had this idea for a while. Implementation date is July 2017. Working towards it.
    This year fear and laziness will not paralyze me.


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