So lately I have moticed a few wives or brides I should say have been gifted new cars by their grooms on the wedding day. In the comments underneath the picture everyone – especially the women are always on the “my own is next tip”. And I start to wonder – while everyone likes good things, some of these things are just that things.

I was minding my business on Instagram yesterday and someone mentioned a popular instagrammer who is always live or has posted pictures for the day. Sometimes she even throws in accolades for her husband every now and then…but rumor has it he is an alcoholic that beats her and cheats on her (multiple people have repeated this).

The whole social media thing beings to light again stories like Tonto Dikehs marriage. I use her because she is a public figure. She was posting pictures of all the things her husband bought for her and what not and then turns around to say he was beating her all through! Like are you bipolar? 

For me I feel that many folks who feel the need to show the world how happy they are – are actors. If you were truly happy, you would be so busy being happy that you would forget to take a picture of your thousandth gift your husband has given you. 

Maybe I am just a hater sha…or maybe there is some truth in what I say. Some of these people create such high expectations for others that people begin tensioning themselves to aspire to those standards. It’s like I told someone yesterday- anybody that professes to have it all together is a liar – nobody has it all together. For some people who seem so sure of their actions – its a brave act…we are all trying to get it right – some things may work out in our favor, others may not. No matter how sure u seem of what you are doing, there is still a little bit of doubt. 

Create expectations for yourself based on your own life. You don’t know the half of anyone else’s life. 


4 Comments on Expectations 

  1. When it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I always wonder what people who brag allover social media are hiding -as in, so you are married to or dating a saint bah?-
    Oh well….I find them entertaining.


  2. Very True Ms Pynk.


  3. It baffles me constantly how people are even able to keep up. How does one have the energy and time to share so much, practically live on social media and continually seek validation from bunch of strangers who really don’t care? How do they enjoy life?


  4. hahaahahaha. Why do i know who you are talking about. lol

    Anyways I always say, folks that over share, over compliment, and over gbogbo eh most often times are bored, or are over compensating or are actors earning a living from the over sharing life.


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