Copy Away

I can’t keep calm. I feel like I have been slapped awake or even just electric shocked back to life.

You know how you have an idea and people dismiss it for lacking originality? I always ask the question of which thought or Idea is actually original.  Our thoughts and ideas tend to be variations of each others thoughts.

Do you think Facebook is original? Well let me help you – it’s not. There was a site called “the Confluence” as far back as 2ooo created by Nigerians in America. Unfortunately it didn’t take off for a variety of reasons.  Facebook did for whatever reasons.

Do you want to set up that business or have that idea that no one thinks will work or has been overdone already? They said eBay wouldn’t work in Nigeria, pay pal wouldn’t work etc. There are variations or the actual company in the Nigerian market.

I read the quote below from What The Kitchen Told me by my friend David Thoreau and it struck me again.

“Keep in mind that the only place copying is not allowed is in school” – What the Kitchen Told Me by David Thoreau.

I am not asking anyone to steal someone else’s idea or work, I am asking that when you consider starting a business that essentially exists, you not worry about being accused of doing what others have done. Your delivery isn’t the same as theirs. Happy Monday, I say copy away!

Have you been thinking through an idea but get discouraged about the existence or execution of similar ideas? Do share this, along with your thought concerns and worries.

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5 Comments on Copy Away

  1. Pynk thanks for your write up. Will do something right away. Want to own my own blog.


  2. chrisyinks // March 28, 2017 at 14:24 // Reply

    Interesting and true perspective!

    Surprisingly, many of the acclaimed innovative happenings have largely been a variant of something pre-existing. I guess the seeming distinction and the false appearance of being ‘novel’ lies in the delivery.

    Per ‘new’ idea, not thinking of one currently.


  3. Oh Pynk, I just picked up my mug and saucer set.
    I will not stop drinking tea cos with a mug like that …..I can and will rulet the world.
    Thank you Pynk . God bless you. How I love you so.

    As for the post, Pynk I need serious prayers. I need to do a small consultation with you sef. I have small business ideaschool I’d like to kick off but I’m just stalling .

    People are making millions even on this recession. God help us all.


  4. Thank you for this Pynk. I always chicken out at the execution stage cos i feel someone else is already doing something similar.


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