Happy Mother’s Day 

So you know this year is my first year as a mother…my little peas were cooking this time last year…so I was unofficially a mama. My lovebuds have started murmuring something that sounds like mama😚😚😚. 
Despite having my tender twins at the age of 34, I have quite a few new mummy friends in my age bracket. I mean women age 30 and up that have just had their first babies in the last 2 or so years. Hell my friend is 43 she just gave birth to “our” baby last week- our baby because men if I tell her story we will all be crying.  

I think there is a common unifying theme with motherhood – no one knows what they are really doing in terms of mothering but we simply give it our best and remain overpossessive of our kids. Many of mt friends have been able to take time out from their careers for a year or two to raise kids and are able to get back into the workforce because of prior years of experience. 

Personally I realise if I had my children in my 20s I would have been resentful. One thing that has not left me is wanderlust. I want to travel travel travel- I don’t even care about the country, I just want to go. I was discussing with my husband about travelling in 2017 and initially we were like ok, no problem I can go. Next thing we go to search for tickets and the airline bounces back and tells me how I can only travel with one adult per infant under two. Essentially i cannot travel alone with both my kids alone till they turn two, there must be another adult. I have been begging my mom to travel – she said she will think about it. Who else can I beg😂😂

There are some days I feel like a prisoner in my own house and going stir crazy just being with my kids. And I love then dearly, but some moments I just want to be me. No kids to think about, but the narcissist in me wanted kids, so I must take care of them to the best of my abilities. 

Motherhood is one of the most thankless jobs ever to exist. No matter how much we think we honour our mothers I don’t think it will ever be enough. Women go through so much when raising kids- the range of emotions and sacrifices etc. You work so hard at trying to be everything to your loved ones and sometimes you have to remember that you can’t be.

Mothers are superwomen, but we are also human. Please show some love to every woman around you and thank her. Thank her everyday for her commitment.

I am saying a big thank You to all Grandmothers, mothers and future mothers. May your well of care never run dry.

I found my mothers day gift- my husband has this thing where he hides gifts in the house and I end up finding them before the day. Sometimes I tell him just to annoy him (I can be petty too) and other times I jusy pretend to be surprised. 😂 At least he thinks I am an awesome mom, maybe crazy but awesome.

I am giving away N2,500 in airtime (any Nigerian Telco) to two people. All I need you to do is tell me what motherhood means to you either as a mother or what your mother means to you. I will pick my two favourite comments by Friday 31st March 2017.


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  1. chrisyinks // March 26, 2017 at 02:47 // Reply

    Let me give this a try for my mum…..

    My mum is the lady that went into 2 – 3 days labor to birth me….simply due to ineffective doctors and the obvious fact that I had a big head. Finally delivering through CS, she’s been that one person to give a second (and often relevant/appropriate) perspective to my choice selection. Doubt I’d have been able to make into university in good time if she didn’t force me to write my SSCE exams a second time when I had the chance. Eventually, seeing me get into school with two sittings when I failed English in my initial exams. Yes, she’s been overprotective and oftentimes overbearing, but her thoughts, concern and care is what I’m assured of…. and thus, I wouldn’t disappoint her noble and lofty expectations of me. Happy Mother’s day Mum. Happy Mother’s day to all mothers and mothers-to-be.

    PS: the size of the head is all ‘handsome’ now.


  2. Happy Mother’s day darl. Hope the girls continue to bring so much joy your way. Enjoy it.


  3. Happy Mother’s Day Pynk.

    “I have been begging my mom to travel – she said she will think about it. Who else can I beg” I know, you can ask my sister. No need to even beg sef, she’ll probably just resign and follow you lol. I would but for school

    What my mother means to me…words are not enough to express it. In fact, this is the first time today i’m addressing this mother’s day issue because I really really really cannot write what my mum means to me in even 2 hours and as bad as it sounds, I don’t have the time at the moment.

    To help you understand, let me tell you a bit about my mum. My mother is beautiful. Very very beautiful with lovely, smooth, rich black skin. She’s tall; at least 5″9, plump; striking that mummy balance between fat and slim and has this wonderful deep voice that brings honey to mind; not as blatantly sweet as sugar, but delicious in a more mature way with interesting texture and an unexplainable undertone; a sort of promise of more to come. (I sound like her by the way).

    She’s intelligent, like “oh my God where are you from” kind of intelligent, and unlike many Nigerian parents who continually fling their dubious academic records in your face (who can prove it Kwanu?), my mum speaks little of hers, quietly encouraging you and standing by you even when you want to give up on yourself. Instead, her brilliance is impressed upon you on meeting her. Strangers, former school mates and teachers, relatives, and even prizes in the house confirm this. Funny enough, she doesn’t even display these much. Her sitting room isn’t littered with an abundance of plaques and what not, but is filled with an eclectic mix of stuff. Speaking of decor, my mum is…let’s not go there. I’ll just say she’s an amazing decorator and keep my mouth shut.

    I could go on and on but not enough time remember? So i’ll just mention some of the more important things. My mother is warm, loving, approachable and kind. She’s a Medical Doctor; a Professor at that and anyone who knows Doctors and Lawyers know that there is a lot of fear and sucking up to your senior colleagues. However, my mum manages to dispel the notion of the necessity of all that baggage even without saying a word. Students and Doctors alike flock to her, knowing that she will give them a listening ear, treat them like fellow human beings worthy of respect and do her possible best (within reason of course) to help them.

    My mother is very hardworking but she somehow always has the time for her family and people who need her. She’s caring. She knows what’s going on in our lives, and our friends’ lives and doesn’t push but just lets us know that her door is open whenever we need her. My friends are in love with her. She worries all the time even though we try to get her not to, and always makes sure we do not lack. She’s an amazing cook and is always willing to cook for you; from pastries and cakes and ice cream to Efo riro to Afang soup and Edi ka ikong to Oha to Ukwa to Fried rice to Peppersoup to BBQ to Suya, just name it, don’t play with my mother. In fact, you don’t want to go the market with her because you’ll spend all day there and she may even pick up a new recipe before returning.

    My mother is humble. Very humble. She’s seen a lot and done a lot but her character shines through. I remember a few years back when she was having a big party for her 50th birthday. We went to the market about a month or so before the day and I was watching as she took a seat, gisted with her egusi customer and gave her an invitation to the party, complete with the card. She explained that she understood it was a Saturday and the woman wouldn’t want to close her shop for the whole day, but she could close up earlier instead and make it if she wasn’t otherwise occupied. I was touched and so was the trader. That is my mother for you. No social boundaries or anything, love encompasses everybody around her from the Cobbler or Trader to the VC or Governor.

    My mother is very fashionable. I often get teased because I’m supposed to be a fashionista but she beats me hands down. I have an explanation for this though. I’m in school and don’t have that kind of time and money and like fine wine, we only get better with age. See me when i’m 50

    It’s about an hour and I have barely scratched the surface. There are big smiles on my face because of so many walks down the memory lane. I remember my mum celebrating with me in times of joy, crying with me in times of sorrow, encouraging me in times of confusion and despondency, giving me the reward she promised for passing an exam even after I failed it because she was sure I worked hard for it and would pass it on my next attempt, shouting and being all dramatic like the normal Igbo mother, worrying abut us like mothers do, praying for us in person and on the phone and in our absence, coming to check on us in the night and making sure we aren’t too warm or too cold even as old as we are, pouting when she sees some thing you bought that she likes and you didn’t get the same for her even if you bother walked past it together in the mall…the list is endless. To top all that, she had the good sense to marry my father, who is the best father a girl could have. It’s been a huge blessing having my mum in my life but it’s also scary because i do not know how i’m going to live up to that knowing fully well how unfair it’ll be to give my children less when i had the best. Even strangers tell me how amazing she is when they find out I’m her daughter and I’m often told it’ll be a great achievement if i could be half the woman she is. You really need to meet my mum. I love her beyond words and pray God keeps us healthy and happy to gather for a long long time. So what does my mother mean to me? Everything. She means Everything.

    You know the funniest part of this whole thing? I just intended to wish you a happy mother’s day and waka pass.


  4. Imagine, the epistle I typed disappeared. Thank God I copied it first. I would have just fainted lol


  5. You’re right it’s a very thankless job. Being a mother made me appreciate and love my mom even more…she’s one of my best friends and I love her to death.
    Happy 1st mother’s day ms pynk!


  6. Today I made a call to my doctor (fertility Dr. ) and I said “thank you for helping me become a mom”. I dedicate this mothers day to him because I just never knew there was a void in my heart until I had my baby last year. I’ve know my youngie for less than a year, but it feels like I’ve known him forever. Sometimes I get worked up and don’t know what to do with him in certain situations, but I eventually figure it out. Happy mothers day Mme.Pynk


  7. Happy Mother’s day Miss Pynk.
    P.s : i’ll travel whenever you’re ready no need to even beg. Lol.
    I saw this quote somewhere today and i think it totally covers how i feel about my mum
    ‘ Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mother’. All of us who have mother’s who actually care about us and are invested in our life’s know how true that quote is.


  8. Happy mothers day to you and all mothers on the blog.

    P.S I know i still owe you a travel story o. life has just been somehow but i’ll deliver one day one day


  9. Happy Mothers day Pynk. now Mummy Pynk.

    MOTHER HOOD CHANGED ME. Everyday I get a tug or a major itch where the scars lie , I’m reminded that despite the many changes all over my body, I brought forth life.
    It’s a humbling experience to be a part of God’s wonder of creation.
    Everyday I just want to be better for my girls and leave a legacy . I started writing a book last year , inspired by my daughaters but for all girls all over the world.
    Happy mothers day to the amazing women all the over the world .


  10. Awww…@mumuring something that sounds like mama..soo cute.

    My mother means the world to me. She’s been a rock,a support system for I and my siblings.Unbelievably selfless in all her ways,a mother to all(from the help, to the neighbors and so on ),a sister indeed to all her siblings even when they didn’t deserve it.
    A woman of peace, very quick to understand your plights and even quicker to reproof u wen the need be.Her worth is far greater than all the riches on earth and beneath.
    A woman of virtue, great wisdom and love.
    A woman who’s loving gaze can break through bars of iron
    A woman with a sunny disposition whom you can easily see through for who she is.
    A woman who over the years planted in us seeds of self control, contentment, patience, kindness and God’s great love, these seeds now fruits fashioned us into who we are today.All the virtues we demonstrate today can be linked to all that she instilled in us.
    It’s no news at home(but now a thing of the past) that I and my siblings hate doing our laundry (on time ) and as a result we usually have all our clothes piled up like the Himalayas (covers face in shame ) and whenever my mom sees them she just packs them and washes them like nothing happened,this act of kindness in turn compelled us to start doing our laundry more often so she wouldn’t have to. O! what a mother so sweet.
    Words fail me and i believe that the world’s best logophile and wordsmith would struggle for lack of the right words to effectively describe my mom and what she’s worth.
    Dear mom happy mother’s day once again, you are deeply loved and to all the mothers out there happy mother’s day and to you Mrs Pynk, happy mother’s day, keep up the good work.


  11. My mum nurtures me, carry me in her womb for 9 good month, share her food with me through breast milk… Even @ times when she did not feed her self she satisfy me by feeding me.. She back me for years, i throw up on her, defeacate on her, urinate on her she never gave up on me, she makes me who I am today by rebuking me when i do anything wrong, her shoulder is every available for me to lean on and she gives me motherly advice every day she pray for me every day.. She is my first teacher on earth … I mean everything 2 her… No matter how old I am she will continue to play the role of a mother.. If i fall sick she still backs me.. To me that what motherhood means


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