When I big chopped..21st Birthday

Hey everyone how are you? Let’s talk hair. There is so much argument for “natural” hair these days so many people have gone natural. Everyone has different experiences and drivers in terms of why they went natural. 
Imagine my surprise when a 10 year old girl goes “aunty I love your hair, I am working on going natural myself”. This 10 year old is 10 going on 4o so I wasn’t surprised.  Then she starts telling me how relaxers are no good and all that – she got her first perm at 7. Her mom has relaxed hair and is mixed race (so she has type 3 hair which is considered easier to manage as the curls are loser), anyway after probing she told me she has been watching natural hair videos on you tube and she is just waiting for her hair to grow out into a ponytail to do her big chop. Her hair is down her back already.

And I started thinking about it. It’s like nobody wants to buy relaxers anymore. The natural hair movement has grown beyond what anyone could have imagined. I went natural after a hairdresser didn’t wash out my relaxer properly and my hair fell out in patches. It wasn’t visible because my hair is like a forest. I switched to texturizers for about a year after that and I realized that my hair never stayed straight for longer than a week anyway. I did better with a Dominican blow dry. Those people can straighten anything.

I had my last texturizer on 19 June 2014. I stopped being scared of my scalp burning and just the every 3 month visit to the salon. I did my big chop on 19 June 2015 and sent my husband into a frenzy. I don’t understand what it is with men and hair. But I felt liberated. I didnt turn into a product junkie after going natural I was one before going natural.  

I have been on my journey for almost 3 years and the difference in my hair is ridiculous in terms of body obviously and length. I have about 1.5 inches to make it to bra length and the ridiculous side of my personality is saying to grow it to mid back/ tail bone length by 2019 June. The other part of me is saying I miss the shorter more manageable length and I am considering a big chop again.

I know with all certainty I stopped being attached to my hair when I big chopped and It was a shoulder length fro. All the breeze was blowing through it and all.

I saw a video about relaxers and cancer the other day on Dr. OZ Aand I couldn’t help but wonder.

Are you natural? If yes or no, why that particular choice? Are you at a crossroads? 

If you are male what do you prefer on women and why?


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  1. I big chopped last year as a result of relaxer damage and am currently loving it. Who knew moisturizers,shampoos and conditioners shopping can be fun…


  2. chrisyinks // March 23, 2017 at 21:27 // Reply

    I prefer whatever rocks her boat…ain’t gonna stress myself on her hairdo.


  3. I tried to go natural, but it’s just not me. I take everything Dr Oz says with plenty grains in short bags of salt.


  4. Still relaxed. I’m the only female in my family with relaxed hair. My mom has been natural for 15 years, my 2 sisters went natural last year. My 2 daughters (age 2+ and 4 months) are going to be natural till they’re old enough to decide.
    I actually permed my hair for the first time at 19yrs. I was natural for the 1st 19yrs of my life…and I had stubborn, thick hair…I couldn’t even comb my hair myself lol.
    I actually prefer being relaxed cos I’m lazy. It’s easier to manage and comb. I love some body on my hair so I actually more like texlax. My hair is still very full and is brastrap length now (thanks to pregnancy hormones).
    I turned 30 recently and wanted to cut my hair to change my look a little but my husband was against it (I admit I was a little scared to cut my hair. ). Maybe when I’m 40 or 50 🙂


  5. @ miss pynk…don’t mind me..I’m sentimental


  6. Iyanuoluwa B // March 25, 2017 at 06:18 // Reply

    I went natural in 2014 cos my hair was very unhealthy. It stopped growing, it had this dirty brown color and it was difficult to manage. I said I was going to transition but my impatience caught up with me and I snipped it all out on August night. I like my hair now. It’s still tough to manage and doesn’t grow so fast and shrinks like crazy, but it is healthy. Yaay me


  7. Last time I relaxed was September 2015 and then I big chopped about 8 months later. It’s been tough managing my hair because it’s thick and coarse but I don’t want to relax but sometimes I’m tempted to.


  8. I’m seriously considering going natural.MY hair seems to have stopped growing after I had baby number 2.

    It just that for me, I barely have the time or energy to go through the “wahalas” of maintaining and treating natural hair.

    I’d need to make a decision by June. My hubby is seriously into long hair though.


    • Lol at men and the fascination with long hair. My friend has been natural for 5 years and her hair is absolutely beautiful- mid back length almost wasit length and she is full Nigerian. Most people wear orotective styles from time to time – weaved, braids, pony tails etc. Its not as hard as folks make it seem. You can just grow out your hair before cutting the relaxed ends…two textures can be tasking so braids may be your friend


  9. I was natural for 2 years. The only thing i knew how to do was twist out. And I don’t like weaves, braids or anything else on my head.

    So i gave in and got a relaxer. Now i relax once a quarter. But I can manage my hair myself.


  10. I love natural hair on ladies but the truth is i am very very very lazy to start… my hair is long and very thick so going natural is not visible jor.


  11. I am relaxed and honestly, I don’t see myself going natural anytime soon. I have very full hair, sometimes combing it can be trouble even as its relaxed. my hair has broken combs. I can’t count how many times I’ve had a hair emergency before going to work.

    braids or fixing don’t help either, I get irritated after a week, I struggle to keep it for two weeks. sometimes I just feel like cutting it but my vain side will not allow me.

    At the end of day, I receive a lot of compliments for the length and fullness. so I guess its worth it.


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