The Ridiculousness of it All

I have a serious question. How is it that when it comes to things such as signing abortion bills, creating girl councils etc all we see are images of men? Even events in Nigeria like WimBiz bring in men as speakers many times?

Do we feel men need to have a hand in whay we do or its just men dominate things?

Trump Signing abortion Bill

You see as a feminist I find a lot wrong with such occurences. Is it that these men believe that we cannot speak on that which affects us or we can’t even make our own decisions?

Please share your thoughts….


2 Comments on The Ridiculousness of it All

  1. As a feminist i think if its a women’s event only women should speak. So as to encourage other women and to showcase the great things women are doing all around the world. Am all for girl power mehn


  2. this absurdity of it all is that these men believe they know what’s best for women.


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