Are You Smart or Effective?

I am back to reading and I got my hands on a book written by someone dear to me. This book has been over ten years in the making and has finally seen the light of day. I am proud to Introduce to you all my friend and newly minted author David Thoreau and his published book titled What the Kitchen Told Me. It’s a short book and I have read it all and will read it multiple times this month.

Let me tell you how this book sort of came about – so I met David on a flight from Baghdad in 2006 and we got chatting. We were going out on vacation about the same time and worked for the same company. We ended up finding out we were both Geminis and born a few days apart. We hung out in Dubai and I became good friends with him (he may not be good friend with me though).
I found out he went to culinary school because he felt like he had eaten too many frozen dinners as a child. His mom was not exactly “Martha Stewart-esq”! I was just amazed someone went to culinary school – my food joys (I love food) knew no bounds. David was always relating his skills to kitchen stuff and did I say he is originally from one of the poorest parts of Ohio in the US and managed to pull himself up? My dear buddy has a ridiculously high profile job and is living the life. Through his journey, he has had many ups and downs but he captures his experiences so well -I am actually jealous for a change.

After my first read of What the Kitchen Told me, I realized that David did say he would write a book in 2007 and 10 years later he had written two and has published one.

This is one of the quotes from the book that hit home for me.

You can be “smart,” or you can be effective; the choice, my friend, is up to you.” – David Thoreau – What the Kitchen Told Me.

I realise that in all my wisdom I keep being smart and failing at certain points to be effective. I want to start doing the things that matter again. I don’t want to spend my waking hours obsessing over dirty diapers, or if my nannies have finished the bucket of KFC because I asked them to help themselves. I don’t want to spend time policing N5,000 when I have ideas on how to make N50 million.

Do you spend your time doing all the right smart things such as gathering degrees and wondering why no job? Could it be that you are not effective? Are you deliberate in being effective?

Can you think of ways in which you have spent your time being smart but not effective? If you are shy about being exposed feel free to post your comment under anonymous.

I wish you a new week of effectiveness!

And you can find the book here for purchase.

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  1. This quote alone is really insightful, would love to read the whole book.


  2. Oh wow, thanks.


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