Lighten Up

Hey Everyone, happy Sunday. How are you? Hoe is the new week looking? One of my medical doctor cousins (yes I have more than one “Doctor Cousin”) shared the picture below. It is sure to make you laugh some. It is notes that were found in patient files – mostly written by doctors. Enjoy.

Please bear with me, I have and still am in the process of moving house. I don’t know where my laptop is as we speak and I know I am behind on posting winners announcement.  I will do it soon. Moving house with two 8 month olds and down 6 flights of stairs with a dead lift is just mentally exhausting.
March is also looking up as we settle into out new abode….

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  1. I doubt nigerian doctors have such humour because am assuming the ones that wrote this aren’t nigerians. All the best with moving house Ms Pynk; the Lord is your strength


  2. okay, I couldn’t hold it in again at #11…LOL


  3. lmao!!!


  4. // March 14, 2017 at 08:16 // Reply

    Wow 8 months already. Time flies!


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