The Day for Her

 So today is International Women’s Day. Days like this make you actually realize how much work is still undone in terms of women’s rights. In Nigeria few of us are fortunate not to have encountered obvious glass ceilings…I say obvious because, while women have made great strides in the corporate sphere – we are yet to have a female Governor or President. Even Liberia that has a female president still faces a lot of challenges with girls and women’s rights.

In the United States it’s like there is a regression in women’s rights. With them trying to take away a woman’s right in terms of what to do with her body. I am not pro abortion or pro life- I am pro choice. Forget all that “we are pregnant” nonsense….it is a woman that knows where it hurts or the circumstances surrounding a pregnancy…likewise for the most part it is a woman that knows what raising children involves – the sacrifices etc. Mothers should be martyrs  for the most part considering what they give up for their children compared to fathers (i am not pitting any gender against the other- just being factual). The current first lady doesn’t help matters as she doesn’t seem to have a cause or even a voice – they have made her look like a joke.

Moving on about half of the world’s population is female and denying this gender access to healthcare and education essentially threatens the global population. “For every poor illiterate woman, there is an equally poor man and even poorer children cum adults”- OAD. Too many women suffer with issues they shouldnt have to contend with if they are given access to these things. In Northern Nigeria – we are marrying off 11 yr olds…to whose benefit? With the same child completing secondary school at 16 to 18, the odds of her being so much more equipped to be able to feed herself and break the poverty cycle is so much greater.

I say we because we are all responsible. Our anger alone will not change things Our actions will. If you have any young girls or women around you be it your nanny etc – it is your job to empower them within the means available to you. Women suffer the most from poverty and in turn so do their children. I will not touch on religion with this matter because of subjective interpretations. 

I was watching cnn yesterday and I realized I was part of a statistic in a research commissioned by Vodafone.  

I took the better part of last year off and somehow I doubt I will do any better this year😂.

How are you celebrating women’s day? What do you hope changes? What are your actions towards encouraging this?

I hope that we are able to become the women we aspire to be and can encourage the same with our daughters and future generations to come. Likewise we must also raise boys who understand that women are equal to them. 

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  1. Happy international women’s day.

    To the men who believe in us,love us,care for us and push us to become great, we say a big Thank you.

    To the boys who pay the dowry of a baby in form of wife “Wehdonesir” you know we wont stop until every girl child is educated and is given a chance to live.

    To the beautiful women who thrives each day to be a better person in spite of the cultural belief,we say keep your heads up,be strong,be beautiful,be courageous,be confident,be bold.

    To the Amazing women who have done excellently well for themselves,the world shapers THANK YOU for not relenting because we look up to you.
    Happy international women’s day.

    P.s Sorry Miss Pynk i had to borrow your space Lol *coversface*


  2. ‘Be Bold For Change.’

    The world has enough women who know how to be smart. It needs women who are willing to be simple. The world has enough women who know how to be brilliant. It needs some who will be brave. The world has enough women who are popular. It needs more who are pure. We need women, and men, too, who would rather be morally right than socially correct. -Peter Marshall

    Happy International Women’s Day!


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