Fourth Culture Kids?

I was sitting down minding my business the other day and for the life of me I can’t remember all my children’s names in the right order…I know the names but outside of the first and second names I don’t always remember which name belongs to who.

And it shockingly dawned on me that my kids are not even third culture kids. I am a third culture child and sometimes have cultural identity issues. I am Nigerian many days and many days I am not. Some days I am carribean and a whole lot of days I am as American as they come. I cook more carribean and American food than I do Nigerian food. I usually have to google things like Egusi before I can cook them. 

Now you take me and throw me in a house with someone who grew up eating gammon and thinks shito goes with everything. My husband isn’t quite as third culture as I am, at least I don’t think he is as conflicted or should I say mixed up – his mother is part Nigerian so maybe that helps even though hers is Yoruba.

So you see when it came time to name the twins – hubby and I picked their first names.  We always decided our first child (and only child according to him) would be names after his late brother. But alas we ended up with twins. We named the second baby after me (i was named after my maternal great grand mother – A Carribean variation of a German name since she was German Irish living in the Carribean). 

Our parents with the exception of my mother all came with names. So my children hve names in the following order English, Edo, Yoruba and GA (Ghanian). And I sat down and wondered what I would teach my children about culture…or maybe I can always just tell them they are American and save myself the stress? Then again we both have Nigeria in common despite being of different ethnic stock.

And some people are still struggling with Imo marrying from Anambra😂. Some days I don’t know if I should cry or be happy for such a diverse heritage.

So please what do you think my kids should be? Technically they are like half Nigeria – I am 50%, my husband is 67%… so mathematically speaking they are like 57% Nigerian?

The world has gone global on steriodsand my family is living proof.😂

I just wanted to entertain you I am not in a serious frame of mind…


5 Comments on Fourth Culture Kids?

  1. hahaha this really cracked me up. Just tell them they are global noni.


  2. This was funny


  3. The world is already a global village bah? Tell them theatre they are earthlings. Won’t be surprised if your children decide to add Asia to the mix….
    *if I could do it over, I would marry a foreigner*


  4. Some towns in Anambra are even discriminating against marrying each other. *sigh


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