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So why and how are we different? You can’t tell me that we don’t have enough waste…or we don’t have enough offtakers seeking power. Does power have to be generated on a large regional scale? Can’t it be done by neighborhoods? I think if Nigeria can even guarantee 12 hours of constant electricity daily, a lot of changes will occur. 
We wouldnt need incentives to start certain types of businesses locally. We wouldn’t need to import the huge amounts of diesel and generators we do. We won’t be chasing ghost projects like pencil factories. When last did you use a pencil? If you are not in grade school a pencil is not top of your list. A lot of educators in the west start the kids on technology early. My almost 7 year old nephew sends his lists by email. 

I continue to believe that several elites benefit tremendously from Nigeria’s dysfunction.  It’s really sad.

My next question – Northerners have ruled Nigeria for the better part of history. Why are is the North still the poorest region of the country despite having so many billionaires/ trillionaires? This is an innocent question….

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  1. I have been tried of Nigeria for a long time and i hate being one truly. We cnt do anything right; such rubbish


    • Chrisyinks // March 6, 2017 at 15:51 // Reply

      Believe me, there is still so much to be proud of being a Nigerian. Our resilience in the face of adversity – which sometimes can be a bad quality – is unmatched by many other cultures.

      That said, I reckon your last question doesn’t apply to the Northern segment alone. It is also noticeable down in the south. And I believe it strongly indicates that we haven’t learnt to appreciate the monumental benefits of seeking the collective welfare of the society as against individual quest for one’s affluence (especially when it comes at the detriment of others). Oftentimes, seeking the collective welfare as against one’s personal welfare/affluence in leadership positions in Nigeria is a diverging choice.

      I’d definitely agree that the current dysfunctional arrangement benefits a lot of Nigerian elites.


  2. The billion dollar Nigerian question. There must be a kink in our DNA. Ours has become a culture of greed, selfishness, impunity etc……I wish I could move out of Nigeria permanently….even if it’s to Zimbabwe


  3. Miss Pynk so you dont want the egg heads to get rich abi? who feels pumping money to produce pencil is a very intelligent thing to annouce. the fact is that some things are just ridiculous to the ear and government wont hesistate to say it out. I read online yesterday that there would be light disruption for a month and the areas that would be affected were listed and i kept asking myself the last time we had constant power supply.
    Nigeria being great is subject to one simple question “who wants to flush out the bad eggs” because honestly we take two steps forward and five steps backward.

    If someone can actually take the anti corruption agency to court on the ground that the money he stole was his own. Like really how did it get this bad?

    Abj airport for example,how did it get so bad that they have to close it down for weeks due to repairs. we just never get anything done correctly in this country.

    Let me stop here before i write a text book lol.


  4. Miss Pynk only intelligent people will think of an alternative before shutting down a whole international airport. Now that the airport schedule is being re routed to kaduna airport, let’s hope they ll get the road fixed.
    Like i always say,we dont do things in this country with common sense until things get so bad then we start running upandan.

    Thinking, is not rocket science. when you put the people you swore to serve first then it would be easier to comprehend BUT i guess our leaders didnot get that memo.


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