Hello March

Hey Everyone, how is it going? Been a couple of days…It’s amazing we are getting ready to close out the 1st quarter of the year. How have the last two months been for you? Mine have been interesting. 
I sort of started back working and I sad with humility- I am still almost as sharp as I used to be. After changing diapers for 6 months straight and still struggling with sleep, it has turned out better than I expected. The year looks absolutely promising – I choose to be optimistic about it. 

How has your year been? What is going on with you? If you are Christian – how is lent working out for you? 

PS: All outstanding giveaway Winners will be announced on Tuesday 7 March. 

Also if there is something you would like to see more of on this site, please feel free to suggest it.


2 Comments on Hello March

  1. Am so hopeful this year will be a good one. Just trusting God more


  2. this year has brought lots of amazing surprises already, I’m begging Baba God to please keep them coming 🙂


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