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Hey everyone, how are you all doing? So who has been watching the show? Well if you have or haven’t, that isn’t the real koko of this post.
I want to talk about people circulating petitions, posing as moral judges etc when it comes to this show. Believe me I am of the opinion that this show is currently one of the dumbest shows ever conceptualised, but I also remember watching MTVs  real world in my late teens and the show isn’t much different. 

First of all lets clarify a few things – the showed is tagged entertainment for adults, they make you pay extra to watch the x-rated portions at night, if I am not mistaken. Why are folks complaining about their kids being able to watch this show? If you have children, it is your expressed duty to make sure you protect them, so why are the parental guides on the cable not set or profiles restricted? Oh the nanny watches it with the kids – why does the nanny hve access to the passwords?

Instead of some folks to admitt they are too lazy to password their cable boxes they are busy screaming blue murder. The shows says 18+, because you consider it garbage doesn’t mean everybody does…hell I watch African Magic Yoruba, some people watch telemundo, Indian films – everybodg has something that they do that others consider garbage. From a simple perspective all cars – well newer ones come with childlocks for the back doors, if your child manages to open the car door while in motion do you blame the car company? Or you realise you didnt put the child lock on?

Folks say this guy is matried but he is collecting a blow job from a single mother. Is it your mouth or peen they used to collect the job? Or will you give them the is it N50 million or N25 million they are desperate to win? The guy denying his wife- the woman tell una say she vex?

Nigerians if we are to address our problems we will never finish. We are here playing morality police on someone collecting peen in her mouth meanwhile some leaders are raping us and our future generations without vaseline and rubbing their lavish excesses in our faces and we are oohing and aahing over that. Half of the religious leaders condemning the hustler on BBN are the same ones that leave the front row pews in the churches for the thieving leaders to worship and accept their tithes on stolen money.

I cannot stand BBN and for me it is a pointless and ridiculous show, but I understand everybody has a different hustle and as long as acts are committed out of freewill and nobody is complaining about being violated I say carry go.

I will be back with the giveaways soon….a lot to catch up on.
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  1. Completely agree! I also think that petition makes no sense but then some people need activity and playing morality police seems like a great place to start. Lol


  2. What comes to my mind is the story of a man who was chasing a rat while his house burned. We need to set our priorities right. BBNAIJA is not the problem, it’s only one of the manifestations of Nigeria’s decay.

    Thanks for the gift Mme. PYNK.


  3. The level of hypocrisy in this country is alarming. I dont watch the show because it doesnt sit well with my values,but all those peeps signing petition or those raising it need to do something useful with their voice. Charity begins at home,start the morality preaching in your homes. Nigeria has 1001 problem and bbn shouldn’t be one.


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