I want to ask a very important question. Is your rigidity killing you? Do you have a pragmatic approach to life? Is life black or white in your mind? Can you roll with whatever life deals you?
I ask these questions because I used to be that way and it affected mamy things in my life. It affected relationships but it also helped me with investments in terns of having the discipline to commit and follow through. With human beings I still strugglw with certain traits that I cannot separate from the individual. I am working on it.

I have a pragmatic approach to life in general in that while I believe certain roles belong to myself or others I don’t dwell on them.  For instance in my house the cooking generally falls on me, but there are days my husband asks to make dinner or sometimes I ask him to do it for whatever reason. It’s the same with money, while he assumes the role of primary breadwinner, if there is a need I can fill I do it without being asked. I don’t see the need for rigidity in my life.

Now I am not talking about being flexible when you are being violated or abused. But if you are surrounded by genuine and reasonable people, is it just possible that maybe you may need to let go of your rigidity to be happier and thrive in a more harmonious environment?

If you don’t marry your friend its very easy to be rigid with in your beliefs and actions. If you don’t engage in the things you love it’s the same. When one is pragmatic and in the right environment life is so much easier.  You find that many people have spouses they won’t bend over backwards for, but they tie themselves to these same people by having children. Or you keep thinking that without your job you won’t be able to cope financially but that same job is draining your blood and they are treating tou badly.

The more fluidity you allow in your life, the more peaceful life is. 

That’s my 25 kobo for the day…thats not worth anything these days, but what do I know?


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  1. I’m flexible most times, but omo in 2017, one thing I have become rigid with is cutting off folks that are energy drainers. No thinking twice anymore. show yourself and you are out like flash. no time for foolishness in 2017.


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