I Pledge to Nigeria…

Remember when you were in Primary school and you recited the Pledge with all the gusto you could muster? I pledge to Nigeria my Country……

Well honestly I don’t believe all Nigerians believed those words. Due to several manifestations in recent times, some Nigerians are actual enemies of state based on The current situation and the bleak outlook. My rant is below…

1. The economy is a sh*t, p*ss and cluster f*ck. Excuse my french but when one painter of garri ( common roasted cassava has passed N1,000) it’s a question of why? We have always joked that if you couldn’t afford food, you fell back on soaked garri…garri is now a luxury.  Let not talk about other foods, that have equally doubled or tripled in price. Change according to the APC government is the stifling kind- the kind that citizens either die of hunger or they kill themselves first. Nobody’s salary is increasing as quickly as food is increasing in price.

2. The actual APC government- I have a question- does anyone in this government know what they are doing? I ask this particular question because these people’s policies just seem to have negative effects all around. While some policies seem thought out, implementation is off. Like the forex market, it has just gotten worse. Banning imports to a certain extent is great in theory but not in practice- do we even have the factories set up to produce the items being banned? I am not in favor of cheap imports over anything else, but I am in favor of survival of the populace. In Nigeria we have very little Industry and at a minimum it will take 1 year to establish the basic ones. Why not give incentives and tax holidays for industries to be established and at the pre-established time cut off imports? Instead we get bans before the local markets can support the populace and they drive us all to hunger. As for when i said the ministers that were chosen were nearing the end of their lives (quarter to die) and had little vested interests in the policies they were setting, some people insulted me. Shey we are still looking for how to manufacture pencils? 

3. Buhari are you alive or dead? In as much as I am not a fan of this government, APC has been voted in and should complete their four years. They keep trying to convince Nigerians this man is alive – he is unable to govern as he is out of the country and has been for what, a month? Why not step down if your health is so bad? Do Nigerians not deserve an active president? If he is alright, all he has to do is hold the current dailies let us know all is well, If not the VP should be sworn in. At this going rate Nigeria is just going to continue tumbling further with people who have visions for only an elite few. Me too I want to go and visit him in London.

4. The staggerring amounts of monies being recovered by the EFCC from political enemies aka PDP is astounding. Like mind boggling. I ask a question, when did we get so selfish as a collective that people do not understand the basic theory of you are your community? In America people get on welfare and are pushed to reform their lives…when communities thrive, it is safer for everybody. When one man like Yakubu stores $9.3 million in a decrepit neighborhood and it’s just sitting in safe boxes, why? Americans steal- many politicians have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar – the Rockefellers and co didn’t start out clean so to speak but they used the same money to oil the wheels of the American economy. Nigerians we steal, and drive Lambos when our entire surroundings are examples of abject poverty. People in the neighborhood of Yakubu’s money house needed as little as N10k to push their businesses. Nigerians are just too shortsighted for our own good.

5. The new EFCC whistle-blower policy will yield dividends I tell you. Because all the people who have helped people hide money and have been treated unfairly will start talking. The question now becomes if EFCC is smart enough to sieze the monies completely and this government re-inject it into the economy.

6. We all can’t keep complaining while a few selected young people make money by feeding us garbage. Shout out to the people who repackaged BUbu and resold panda to us as gold for their own pockets. We can’t fold our arms and do nothing and continue to complain. Not voting for APC shouldn’t mean voting for Jonathan or PDP or the same set of people who have weilded power for the last 50 years. We actually have the power, but I think too many of us are hungry so we are thinking immediately about our stomachs.

7. Let us stop the sycophancy of wealthy people, most especially public officials.  Stop hailing their weddings, stop admiring their ostentatious displays of wealth that has robbed even our granchildren of a decent future. I was reading today that EFCC has gotten up to N34 billion from Diezani- well that they want her to forfeit. That can change maternal health in Nigeria, it can restructure education in a whole state. If you cannot legitimately point out how someone has made their money, what is there to admire?

8. Our legislative…if Nigeria is in such bad shape, their salaries and other compensation needs to be downgraded accordingly. They are working for the populace not the other way around. They are getting paid so much to tell us what indecebt dressing is when we are borderline starving? 

9. Dollar was N509 today the 16th of February, If we keep going at this rate, it will hit N1,000. There is no visible relief in sight.

10. I haven’t had a chance to read or scrutinize the 2017 budget but I hear N250 million was budgeted for a VP guardhouse. I will say this – Nigerian government doesn’t want Nigeria to be tolerable for us all…I ask why? 

On that note Ibori says he is not a thief…

How are you finding the madness all around? I am not an economist or finance minister but, from where I sit, I am very tired. I propose publicly elected officials should not be allowed to travel during their time in office – minus official visits. Their children should be forced to attend public schools and they should be paid the stipulated minimum wage…(nobody will run for office).


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  1. You’ve said much pynk. Lamenting about the state of Nigeria is something I’m resolving not to indulge myself in…..it’s really sad.


    • Chrisyinks please say something. I think we as individuals don’t recognise the power we have when it has to do with these “establishments”! It’s getting to the point where optimism is not enough anymore.


      • Much as I’d like to oblige you, it’s a resolve I’d be sticking with.

        I reckon there isn’t much use talking when I’m not following up with a commensurate level of action. You and a couple of many other brilliant Nigerians out there do a wonderful and comprehensive job with your articles….I believe the gap that’s worth filling now is that of taking the right actions – a gap I’m not well equipped to fill at the moment.


  2. You’ve said it all.
    I’m very scared and worried.
    The rate at which the country is deteriorating is alarming. There seems to be no respite in view.
    What I find most maddening is the falling nairn. ..it doesn’t make sense to earn in naira anymore.


  3. I’m tired and sad for Nigeria, especially it’s future generations. It feels like the best way would be to start all over. Do it again from the beginning. But that’s impossible. We all need to take ownership of our surroundings, let the change begin with teaching out youngies the basics…honesty, truthfulness, hardworking etc. About our leaders….only an honest, strong-willed individual can rebuild all that has rent destroyed over the years. I pray God gives us such a person.


  4. What you proposed in your last paragraph was part of Buhari’s campaign promise, telling us that government officials will be treated here in Nigeria, send their children to Nigerian schools, be forced to invest in Nigeria, etc. Well, Baba was the first one to break that promise by flying abroad for that ear infection last year.

    I am tired of this government. I for one think Buhari is dead cos this is the same dance we did with YarAdua almost 10 years ago. I honestly thought this government would be better than Jonathan’s government but alas, it’s way worse. Like you said Ms Pynk, what we need is a new crop of leaders but my fear is, the good young ones are also not ready for leadership. They aren’t joining political parties cos they think politics is dirty, they’d rather stick with their businesses or salary paying jobs. The few young ones who are there are there with the intent to continue what the old ones have done, which is embezzle, embezzle, embezzle..

    I’m tired of this country..


  5. Dear Miss Pynk , permission to share the link to this post on Facebook?


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