Some people call it intuition, some people call it a sense of deduction, or being perceptive. I realise that the older I get the more ridiculously in tune I get. My hunch or whatever you want to call it, whenever I assess things is almost always correct or rightly in line. 

The irony is that this same skill I lacked in my much younger days. But when I am dead on now, I am. Sometimes I think certain things when I see certain people or some type of people and it turns out to be so.

Recently I went to check on a school not too far from my area (with the potential of my twins attending till I sorted my own ambitions out) and a few things struck me. I noticed that for the location they were relatively cheap comapred with others in the neighborhood and a few things were off. Simple things such as reception furniture seemed dodgy and the generator wasn’t on, the lobby was hot as sin. The baby room had linoleum flooring with some insecure looking low beds instead of cribs. Despite the put off, I called my husband and I said a few things to him.

1. The value of the property vs school fees and charges don’t make sense.

2. How does a nursery not use their AC the height of the day? In a highbrow part of Lagos?

3.Why was the gen not on if there was no light?

4. Baby room was completely empty. 

5. The fees were typed on plain white paper, no school letter head nothing.

6. The tour was lacklustre, I was not impressed as a parent.

The building was nice and there was space for the kids, but otherwise it was not a first option in my mind despite seeing older children running around at lunch time. I told my husband all things considered the school was probably owned by someone with “not so legit money or easy access to funds ” -given its location…I didn’t feel the passion for education in the environment  (at least from a simple safety standpoint) and that the school was possibly a laundering front.

ONLY TO GET ON THE INTERNET THIS MORNING TO SEE THAT EFCC HAS SEALED OFF THE SISTER SCHOOL- it’s likely they will get to the one in Lagos, if they haven’t already. 

Same way I told someone when she was acting stupid that a certain person was her husband.  She refused for a year, even the wedding – I think all she did was pick her dress. Now she is such a happy wife it is ridiculous. 

So who wants to start paying me? Or should I Just open a church?😂… 


7 Comments on Intuition

  1. No open church jare, dat na long thing….. just start private consultation…lol


  2. Lemme be your friend o Pynk


  3. You won’t be able to play church politics. Private consultations it is. Still waiting for the write up on Nigerian current affairs.


  4. Lol church is a long thing Miss Pynk. Just start with your BVs first


  5. And instead of you to be sorting your girl out, you are there chilling. iz it gooooood?


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