Hey everyone how is your day going? I hear there is traffic everywhere today? Nigerians and acting like valentines is a public holiday or the 2nd coming of Jesus. Shior it’s just one day of the year folks need to chill. All the bakers I know had stopped taking orders a few days ago…it is that lucrative. 

As for me and mine we were indoors all day. Honestly I think I have outgrown valentines but will try and celebrate it when my girls can understand it. Hubby as usual outdid himself…but I found the gift in the house 3 days ago. He knows I found it😂. 

As for me I am in a recession so I got creative. I have lipstick in pink and red so I wiped the girls feet and we made the card below.😂 Somebody got big feet, I marvel at how different their personalities are at 32 weeks..

How was your valentines day? Please share and lets all smile together.


4 Comments on “Valemtimes”

  1. ..lol.. Happy “valemtimes” day (belated) to you ms pynk.. I totally love the card concept!

    Valentines day was pretty much regular… I guess I’m getting too old and ‘unromantic’!


  2. Valentine’s day was just there….spent it playing with my almost 3months old daughter.
    Got gifts for daddy and We got gifts from daddy too (baby & I). All in all, it was a good day.


  3. My Mr is at work on each year’s valentine’s day (got me wondering if it’s on purpose). I was out with my friend, her kids and my infant. There was surprisingly no traffic in Portharcourt yesterday….a far cry from the valentine’s day if yesteryears, got me thinking “this recession is real”


  4. And that’s how some of us roasted….there is God oh. lol


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