Petty as Can Be

Yeah I am petty, I am petty, I am petty! So Donald Trump’s National service Advisor aka one of the biggest jerks to exist has resigned. General Flynn resigned after lying about conversations he had with Russia in regards to lifting sanctions etc before he Trump actually became president. And “one Pence” (cos he aint worth a dollar or a pound) the equally bigoted VP claimed there were no such discussions but the transcripts have revealed otherwise. This is the best valentines day ever – may this whole administration crumble.

As bad as America is touted to be soddom & Gomorrah it’s like God is answering our prayers oh.

As for Nigeria, something is extremely fishy as in the super rotten kind of fishy, because if everybody is saying you are dead, you will peep putside and shout “na me be this o”!  That’s not so hard. Jesus is the only person that can be coming back in perpetuity, where is Buhari?

On that note pray this prayer with me – ” Oh God of America please look down on Nigerians with mercy as we are downcast and hopeless with the current state of things. Allow the mistakes to elimibate themselves and allow us have peace & prosperity”!

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4 Comments on Petty as Can Be

  1. Interesting prayer


  2. God of America ke? Amen sha.


  3. Nne,

    As God dey answer Americas prayers small by small, make we call that same God. Cos naija is a dead case.


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