So you see this thing called hope ehn…I haven’t had much of it in the last month or so and I will explain. I have been almost in a bad frame of mind since Trump took office and started his shenanigans. He came in and signed a bunch of executive orders and stuff.

I Wondered where the Nigerians for Trump were as the initial travel ban was unveiled. Believe it or not all it would have taken is a couple of months and Nigeria would have made it onto that list for several reasons such as being classed a majority muslim country (believe what you want, it is how the world sees us), the presence of Boko Haram, the absence of Trump businesses etc.

You see for me as a first generation American and a third country child (google is ya friend), America is the country I identify with the most. Despite having lived in Nigeria for a disproportionate portion of my life, I see it- America readily as home. It’s the place where I feel bad as e bad – I can always go to and I will feel alright and live a life of minimal judgement. 

I began to wonder should Nigeria make it onto that list what happens? All my siblings and I all married foreign born spouses some of whom still have green cards. One of the four spouses got US citizenship as a child while the others have green cards/passports within the last 5 years. From a simple standpoint the rule attempts to split up families….and then I start to wonder about my parents who also naturalised some decades ago. Then it progresses to birth right citizenship etc.

I saw a Syrian family who voted for Donald Trump near tears and I actually laughed at someone else’s demise for a change. Six of their family members couldn’t re-enter the country. I guess they thought they were part of white America and better than the Mexicans when they voted. 

This election has been an expensive lesson for many immigrants who are bigots. At the end of the day crazy self serving egomaniacs like Trump only care about themselves. To think his children were born to immigrant mothers make you wonder truly, he was also born to immigrants 😂😂. Maybe the native Indians should chase us all out. 
The silver lining in this dark cloud is that the judiciary is working while a big part of the legislative has been quiet. The Republican party leadership is ridiculous in their silence and as far as I am concerned they need to keep up the silence as this implies consent. The Judges working and over turning these ridiculous executive orders, I say God bless them and their teams.

It seems the Trump team might be spinning themselves around in circles and I truly hope and pray that they are so confused that they confuse themselves out of office. The midterm elections are coming and I truly hope the Democrats take the house (congress hand senate combined) as that will create some sort of checks and balances for these hate mongers.

I am going to address the Nigerian situation in a different post. Let me not pour all my frustration out in one post.

And on that note Happy Monday! I wish you a fruitful year ahead.


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  1. Happy Monday Ms pynk,
    I actually do hope nigeria doesnt make it to that list because for some of us that’s the hope we have for our unborn kids. Since all nigeria knows how to do is frustrate us.


    • Crimson Happy Monday…the likelihood Nigeria will make the list if they dont curb that executive order is high…America creates hope for many


    • never bring children in because of Nigerias issues need to stay in own aged groups and speak the language of are age group to help the president with Nigeria frustration is what American and non American people put onto others they are being supportive by which is bullshit scars are left and scars never go away from ones heart and bones like being skinned in Nigeria fro the crimson acts they perform that sends them to hell to get their soul back and tighten their vajayay those people fuck their own family members me I would never ever do that from a father that is from thee I am one that took a stand and spreads the word across the world I don’t fuck nor would ever my father that raised me how disgusting and I am helping those frustrating Nigerians to see that and break that tradition


  2. It is crazy, it was soo bad the president of my school sent us an email. I am worried about traveling because what happens if he makes an executive order while am away? What happens to my kids? I live in a state where there are a lot of Somalis and an increase in hate.


    • then don’t travel with or without ua g then you would haven’t anything to worry about I know going to Oregon is a dangerous way to go with this type of situation as well san fran just had a situation that wasn’t good needed to stop communicating with sources that put u away for more than 15 years cancun bettr watch out too


    • executive orders you have to commit to but don’t and see what happens to your entire existence hdp…a place surrounded bysteel sticks and open fields like in Somalia hate is what is in ones heart and soul because of the wrong they have done and cant fess up to that that’s how hate begins kids will be thrown out to someone else and to most people in this world hey that’s cool cause when we get back we can make more babies and be miserable


  3. That was exactly the point my hubby raised the other day while analysing the american/trump situation. It’s sad what the world is turning into. Wonder what other country that can give birthright citizenship (besides USA and canada) ‘cos I’m disenchanted with Nigeria and not so crazy about America. Regards to the little pinks


    • you know what else becomes frustrating is when all people and I mean all people cant be honest of who they really are and that gets under my skin like someone whistling and shuffeling their feet as they walk or better yet pretend they give a shit about things when certain people are around when they should be worried about the real deal worrisome is in the air staying up all night again to watch the animal channel featuring the African safari I like when they clique together and becum one in the Haitian god they leave the youngins alone tho and they don’t whistle they don’t realize whos territory it really belongs to and whom took the power over hee haw stingray


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