Mr. Bonner

You see when people shout God this God that, I often get confused and I will tell you why. I have independently come to the conclusion that the way many people talk about God implies a lack of knowledge of the fact that God is about love. It’s not about how many times you usher in church or how hard you dance to the altar on sundays. It’s about how you love.

I watched this video this morning and all through it Michael Bonner was so excited about the 2nd grade kids he teaches. He wasn’t there for his own glory, even when Ellen and Walmart gave the school so much money, he was still so happy. They didn’t give him anything presonally but he was all about his school. 

This now brings one to the matter of Nigerians and you just sit and wonder how one person can steal  $1billion and still be looking for more to loot. Is our biggest problem as a society lack of love, greed or just a poverty mindset?

Watch Mr. Bonner on Ellen’s show below.

“Be Inspired to aspire” Miss Pynk


3 Comments on Mr. Bonner

  1. chrisyinks // February 6, 2017 at 06:32 // Reply

    Yeah, interesting personality I must remark.


  2. This is impressive. He’s simply amazing.


  3. B. Matthews // February 8, 2017 at 19:10 // Reply

    It was great & blessing to learn about this Black male teacher who has a love for his students and a love for their education. It just shows you that GOOD teachers can make a difference in a child’s life. I was impressed by Mr Bonner–keep up the good work and I hope more men of color go into the teaching field but we need to pay teacher more. It’s hard work –my daughter is one.


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