February 2 – Giveaway – Closed 

Hey everyone it’s the second day of the month. How are you feeling? Well it’s the month of love, so are you loving yet? Sometimes we don’t realise how blessed we are till we hear or see what someone else is going through. I pray that whatever our individual challenges may be, that we gain the grace to surpass them.

Today is not the best of days for me as barotrauma has taken about half of my morning up already. Thank God for an awesome partner who is quick to step in at the first sign of any downturn on my end. I am also grateful for decent nannies who seem to care somewhat for my kids…yes I watch them over two monitors….lol.

February 2nd giveaway is a JET SELFIE STICK FOR SAMSUNG PHONES – fits most phones except the S7. You can enter the giveaways on behalf of someone else – the more interesting your story, the more inclined I will be to give you the item….I want to smile a lot this month and great stories of consideration give me joy.

please feel free to Indicate an interest in the item posted by posting an “I want February xx gift” comment, however I will try to make sure the giveaway receipients are diverse so it’s not the same set of people getting things everyday. 
Please note that delivery will only be to Ikoyi, VI, Obalende and Lagos Island. The item can be delivered to an intermediary who can in turn get it to you.Trying to save on delivery costs.

Winners will be contacted and announced in one post on Sundays. 


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