It’s February – February 1

Hey everyone how are you? It’s  the second month of 2017, how is it going? February is the month of love 😍😍😍, what will you be doing with your loved ones? Or is everyday valentines for you? What is your Ideal Valentines day gift? For me, mine is just 8 hours of uninterrupted nightime sleep, I really don’t need much more outside of maybe a million dollars.  

So do tell how do you feel about this oh so special month? Have you booked your date night, ordered your cake or whatever else? My husband says to give him the cake money😂😂😂. See what Nigeria is doing to people? I had to ask him what it could buy in the scheme of things and he was like he doesn’t know he just feels like the money is necessary. 

Well I have good news…starting today for the next 28 days there will be give aways at the end of every post….please feel free to Indicate an interest in the item posted by posting an “I want February xx gift“, however I will try to make sure the giveaway receipients are diverse so it’s not the same set of people getting things everyday. 

I can’t say what each day will bring, but I am sure I can find something each passing day. Please feel free to contact me if you want to give something away. I don’t have a lot and I am sure to remind myself that I have with most certainty all I need. So I try my best to be kind to others.If you don’t have the material means, show kindness through words of encouragement or even a simple smile. God bless us as we love….

February 1st giveaway is a shea butter shower gel and body lotion set. You can enter the giveaways on behalf of someone else – the more interesting your story, the more inclined I will be to give you the item….I want to smile a lot this month and great stories of consideration give me joy.

Please note that delivery will only be to Ikoyi, VI, Obalende and Lagos Island. The item can be delivered to an intermediary who can in turn get it to you.trying to save on delivery costs

Please allow a week for delivery after contact.

Welcome February!!!


4 Comments on It’s February – February 1

  1. I want February shea butter shower gel and sherbutter hand lotion.


  2. I want February shea butter shower gel and sherbutter hand lotion gift


  3. chrisyinks // February 1, 2017 at 23:25 // Reply

    Not certain what the month holds in store for me….but I must remark that things are shaping up good. Hopefully, it’d turn out splendid for me. Happy February OAD, Happy February house. Good one with the daily gifts this month.


  4. I want February 1st shea butter shower gel and body lotion set gift


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