Hey everyone how are you guys doing? Good I hope? As January comes to an end, reflections have been inevitable on my part. Many of you would have noticed my lack of posts and involvement with the blog over the last few weeks. A few things:Many days I sit and wonder if the blog has outlived its usefulness/purpose. Some days I say yes, other days I say no. At the same time, I wonder if I have simply outgrown the blog: I have considered changing the name, folks have continued to reassure me that the name is fine and to pace myself etc.

Now my babies are becoming mobile so essentially they are all over the place…it’s my life full time right now. I have also gone back to working- its all a bit much.

Next – The site isn’t free to run, but I have managed to keep it running for 3.5 years, maybe I should pat myself on the back for that, maybe I shouldn’t. Its not generating any income from me and I am spending money on it. Not to be selfish, but I think about just spending the money on myself or my kids as many times things haven’t been easy and are leaning South with each passing day so I am trying to assess the value. 

I love doing the giveaways which ha9vent been done in a year, but even those are starting to wear down on me just thinking about them. I have ideas and good intentions but they sometimew don’t manifest.


1. I need ideas and content….I have thought about a few things – features from other writers. Interviews with women doing things – I don’t want the superficial Lagos content – I don’t believe it shows us the truth. Things that are aspirational and encourage us in this difficult environment and times. And fun too….Willing to explore all topics. 

2. I need more participation from the silent readers. The numbers in terms of visitors to this site are larger than most people realise…we do in the 10s of thousands monthly……go figure.

3. Advertising/ revenue or contributions to giveaways or something of the sort…if you have things you want to give away or know of jobs or other opportunities folks can use, please share and let us in.

Please feel free to email me your suggestions @  Also feel free to communicate your displeasures and such if you have them.

I thank you all for always reading and many times giving your opinions. I value the community allowing my voice to be heard even though many times I am not sure I am speaking for many people. The end goal is for us all to be inspired and for us to aspire.


Miss Pynk


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  1. chrisyinks // January 31, 2017 at 21:23 // Reply

    Errm…I know I am supposed to say many things here….but sadly I can’t get them all into words.

    This I’d say: Your kids are very beautiful.


  2. Excellent ideas, i will definitely keep in touch if i hear anything.

    P.S: Your cuties are sooooo adorable. Thanks for taking out your time to advise me career wise, i really appreciate. God bless you.


  3. Your kids are beautiful.
    I don’t think your blog has outlived it’s usefulness…at least almost every post I read is great. But I get that spending money and not getting any benefits especially with more financial responsibility isn’t easy to overlook.

    Well done Ms Pynk.


  4. The first time I came across your blog,got your ID from a comment you made on Stelladimoko’s blog,i logged on,read the article for that day and went to the archives to read up all your past posts. I was up till 2am! I WAS SO ENGROSSED! That said,your blog is number 1 for me for intellectual content and it is refreshing that a youth as yourself could be so knowledgeable and objective in your posts, compared to what obtains these days. Pls dont close the blog. You can do adverts and the people placing the ads could also do giveaways. This is the first time I am commenting on any blog ever.


  5. Your babies are cute, I understand your frustrations, but please don’t go away. it is still very useful to a lot of us. I promise to try to help out in anyway possible. I’m not a very good writer but I could write about my travel experiences . will that be ok?


  6. please don’t stop writing…I admit that I do not comment most times, but I love your perspective on issues. Have been refreshing and hoping you’d write something on the recent happenings in the U.S and naija.
    BTW….your daughters are adorable, now I want to have twins.


  7. From a very selfish angle. ..please don’t close the blog! I really hope you get adverts etc…I wish I could
    I find this blog really refreshing. ..I love hearing your point of view on things….even though I may not always agree or relate.
    Your daughters are beautiful…you’re blessed.
    Ps: I’m still waiting for your dream of twin boys to come true o!


  8. *I wish I could help


  9. I know this is very very late but I just want to lend my voice.

    Although I don’t read everyday, I love your blog, please don’t shut it down. Your thoughts are always so well put together and intelligent.

    I remember when you used to comment frequently on Thelma Thinks, I used to tell myself I wanted to be like you when I grow up. So mature and self confident with a great head on your shoulders.

    PS: Your babies are beautiful


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