Why Are People So Wicked?

I am on a mini break, I wasn’t going to announce but oh well. This here made me so angry, I think she should leave him- your thoughts please! I believe in full disclosure – stuff like body count is not full disclosure- knowledge of fertilit problems, genetic disorders, medical problems should be disclosed prior to marriage – people have a right to make informed decisions.

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  1. Kai it is sad. She should leave him immediately. Someone I knew married a man, who got it, infected his wife ( who he was not even taking care of) died . The wife suffered terribly and passed away leaving their child. It’s so sad.


    • so check this out she knew but still married him anyway because he was the best thing that came into her life because she wasn’t very attractive. not to say this is right but he as a man should of brought condoms to share but in all reality he didn’t want to marry her in the first place because he had someone waiting for him.. so the wife needs to stop her bitchin accept the facts and move on that’s it never was never will be truth hurts but reality check moussilinif hes not wicked marriage is wicked knowing only one person is in it and not the other the other is thinking what he will do when he sees his lady when he gets back


  2. The man is wicked but he’s kinder than a lot of other men. Some men would have slept with her continuously without divulging the fact that they’re Hiv positive…most end up infecting their partners and maybe children. The children who aren’t infected are left orphans.
    Yes we know Hiv isn’t a death sentence anymore. We see a lot of sero-discordant couples who end up having kids (if the HIV infected takes his/her job religiously, he/she could end up having a negligible viral load and thus, becomes less infectious). However, I totally agree that the other partner should be told everything and be allowed to make a choice.

    The lady can leave him …she has enough grounds for divorce. Even the Catholic Church which is against divorce will annul her marriage based on deceit and the fact that it has not been consummated.


  3. for me, she should leave him simply!


  4. The marriage has not been consummated, serious grounds for annulment. No time. Rada rada oshi.


  5. Annulment asap


  6. Someone say annulment. What kind of evil soul does such a horrible thing?


  7. leaving him is easier said then done butknowing she cant get any better her insecurities became more evident making her so called fillin husband a wake up call knowing what he is doing is a-ok the wifey needs to accept his extra world double world use a condom when with him in any way and shut her trap drama is the worst cause of domestic violence and that is not worth it whatso ever go to therapy and talk it through or pay her off and get to steppin is he gay or is he not gay? that’s the question of the day think of that one


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