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So I see a lot of craziness on the internet when I am not busy with these two children of mine. Folks go as far as tagging their house geo-location, showing their children in school Uniforms, telling you their child’s full name date of birth etc. I have my opinions about oversharing information about lives. Some people even do snapchat videos of their homes and display the entire layout.
Conversations with spouses, family members etc are all on display for the world. I get the we are happy and wanna rub it in the world’s face stuff, but if you are going to tell us that, we might as well know the bad sides too right? We know the exact date your flight is landing, who is going on the trip with you, we can figure out what airport you will be landing at etc. 

I mean I understand the quest for followership and what not, but at the expense of yourself and your loved ones?  What product is being marketed that is so important especially in this day of kidnappings and many people not wishing others well? And then some of these folks complain when people talk about them due to what they have posted…hello, you made us parties to your life…maybe I feel like I am part of your marriage.😂

And sometimes there is no money to be made after showing off your whole life, so I ask the question what is the point? As you all know I struggle with sharing on this blog and try my best to keep it as balanced as possible. 

How far would you go to become famous? And should that fame be accompanied by money? For me I realise I am not crazy about being popular, and If I was to be famous, I want it to simply be for my work, not my lifestyle (family etc). I only want my work to speak for me and I am not willing to put my life on play for the world to accomplish that.

What say ye?


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  1. Chrisyinks // January 10, 2017 at 14:52 // Reply

    I share a similar viewpoint with you on what I can and can’t do to achieve fame.


  2. Ahhhhhh IG has changed the game. People will do anything for the likes.

    Not interested in becoming famous, but hey everyone wants to make some extra cash. I personally enjoy getting a good nights rest every day. So not willing to engage in another behavior that compromises that. No to sharing all of my personal life, no to gossip blogs, no to pimping or hoeing….What else is left????? I guess I’ll return to my not famous regular corner.


  3. I share the same views with you, I don’t believe in over sharing information.


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