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If this is true, it may be funny for a few seconds but extremely sad when you sit and actually think about it. Women in Nigeria are already generally sidelined as almost second class citizens and to have a collective of young women be this ignorant? Wawu – I am truly convinced my own kife hasn’t progressed because I have not listened to God’s purpose for me…go figure. I read the story below on SDKs blog and to me the contestants lacked even the most basic creativity skills.and just showed up because someone told them they were beautiful. Wondere shall never end. Even I don’t follow ball and I can guess the football team was founded by Ifeanyi Ubah….these girls cannot competw in Nnewi, is it the greater Nigeria they want to compete in? Talkless about globally? Please read on and share your thoughts.

Ifeanyi Ubah Disqualifies All Contestants At The Most Beautiful Girl In Nnewi Pageant

For the first time in the history of beauty pageants, no winner was announced, no queen was crowned. 

All the girls who participated in this contest were disqualified because most of them couldn’t answer the simple questions thrown to them. Majority of the girls answered the questions by blatantly saying “I don’t know” or “no idea”.

Some of the questions:
Q: Who is the founder of F.C Ifeanyi Ubah
A: No idea.

Q: Who is the Traditional ruler of Nnewi?
A: Thanks for the question, but no idea.

Q: Who is the president of Nigeria?
A: The President, the president the President of Nigeria is is is ehh ehh Dr. Mohammed Buhari.

Q: Who won Miss Nigeria 1987?
A: No idea

Q: When u look in the mirror what do u see? 
A: Courage and confidence

Q: If you become the president of Nigeria, what would you do?
A: budget 

During the native attire section when they were asked the creativity of what they were putting on, one of them said she’s putting on purewater cloth while another said she’s putting on cat cloth because “Busu” (pussycat) is her best pet.

The show has been postponed to December 2017.
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  1. All I can say is Wawu! A prosperous new year to u Ms Pynk


  2. Surely this is a joke. please say it is a joke. lol


  3. That “Busu” made me laugh hard!


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