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You know many times we look at people and look down on their chosen professions without thinking twice about if they are possibly doing better than most. I saw this post on instagram and it really struck a cord. Food business like my mom would say is the best business- however it has to be mama put as it’s cheap enough for most people and will  sell out for the day. 

Now I just want you to please do the math on this guy’s turnover….250 client’s minimum per day since he is in the motor park, then N200 minimum for each plate. Assuming he works 5 days a week and no weekends- which is probably not realistic as more people travel during weekends. Below is his monthly turnover.

250 clients x N200 minimum per plate x 20 working days per month= N1 million

Annually that is N12 million.  He may also have other outlets…I dare say his profit margin is between 20% to 50% – maybe even more.

He should thank the person that signed his deportation orders from South Africa.

When you tell people it’s never about an office job or suit and tie, sometimes they dont believe. The one job I absolutely had to wear a suit and tie to was the absolute worst paying job of my existence. When I say worst I actually mean it was “the worstest”.

It’s 2017 I encourage anyone that is unhappy to look within and figureout what God has called you to do. Figure it out work on it and know that he will perfect it.

Thats all for now…

Image Credit: instagram


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  1. This spoke to me. Thanks for sharing Ms pynk


  2. Chrisyinks // January 5, 2017 at 00:59 // Reply

    Glad he is doing something worthwhile!


  3. Happy new year, everyone! I saw this earlier on Facebook but as usual, you did justice with your calculations… 😉

    How are your angels? And you?! Hang in there… soon they’ll be all grown up

    Warm regards.


  4. Omo numbers can never lie…..folks be looking for glamorous jobs while others are smiling straight to the bank.

    A friend of mine said something to me the end of last year. Naija folks keep targeting middle and upper class. Truth is majority of naija is poor. If you’ve not found that niche that allows you to maximize profit from middle and upper class, it’s best you start targeting the majority of folks – “the not soo rich folks”


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