Was 2016 the worst year ever? Some people are saying so, some are saying otherwise. What say you? As for me I say 2016 was dynamic….in several ways.
1. The first third of the year – well 4 months or so was great for me workwise. Work came in, it got done and I got paid for the most part.

2. My pregnancy became real – I passed the 12 week viability mark and every week was a trial for me. Twins and advanced maternal age do not make for a great combination mentally. 31 is advanced age for twins and considered high risk. Lets just say the Internet became my best friend and worst enemy at the same time.

3. It’s almost number 2, but I have to place it as a separate point. My faith is unshakeable. I went from being someone who has a possible genetic mutation ( it’s too expensive to test for it) which was predicted to potentially affect my fertility to being pregnant with twins with minimal effort, to being a mother of 6 month old twins finishing out the year. In the past, a few people I mistakenly confided in even mocked me and told others I will never have children – my ex told me to go bring a child first before he would marry me. As strong as I am I lost my mind, not because of his requirements? but because I made myself believe love should be unconditional….for where, his wasnt! God blessed me beyond measure, me who went from being a potential fertility case study in a not so good way became the mother of twins? I named my children Alafia Boluwatito and Aduragbemi Oluwajuwonlo (let a yoruba person translate for you) inutero. To the point where the one person who was thought she was telling the world about me went speechless (only God can disgrace someone on our behalf I tell you). I thank God for grace- I am unworthy but God showed me love beyond measure – he used my husband and my children to show me that all I needed was faith. My life is a testimony. For me it was a primary reason I didn’t announce or chart my pregnancy- I wanted to see my children alive first because it was like a dream.

4. I need to pay more attention to my dreams. I never dream and remember, but I am now starting to notice that the dreams I remember vividly are almost always valid. In 2011 I dreamt I had twins, years prior about 2005 I think, I dreamt my first child was a girl and the first thing I said to her was “you look so much like your father” – when i held my first child I was crying, those were the words I uttered to her. Now I have been dreaming I had twin boys and the girls kept saying “mama this one is my baby”! I keep asking God what I am supposed to do with four children, I am ok with the two I have….this dream has been 3x now. I am beyond worried😂😂😂I dont have the mental or financial space for this right now.

5. I wonder sometimes why I decided to come back to Nigeria after I had my girls. Children are expensive no matter your societal status. While childcare is cheaper here, It just drives me crazy how the most basic things cost an arm and a leg. Let’s not even start with the erosion of the Naira- that mess made me tired.

6. I felt truly loved…I was given soo much for my children and they still continue getting stuff that I almost want to cry. I didn’t realise I have so much goodwill and I am considered a decent person by people. I live in a bubble so I choose to be oblivious to many things.

7. I have accepted my title from my husband as “the greatest redistributor of wealth he knows”! He teases me that I give out everything including other people’s stuff. I have accepted it as my lot. I have started giving out the girls clothes they have outgrown😂😂😂- not to worry I pray over them before I put them out, but I still have like two bags of newborn and 3m size clothes since my girls are on the petite side they just started wearing 6m clothes.

8. In pursuant (I wanted to use big English)to number 7, many of you know I have been working on trying to open a school. For some very odd reason I was easily able to buy equipment (furniture, cribs etc) but have been unable to comitt to renting a place. One of my brothers gave me a lightbulb moment- a kumbaya one – he asked me why I didn’t setup as a non-profit school for girls? We discussed in detail and he simply set me on the path….The less I resist the path, the more it seems feasible –  getting a few commitments here and there work commences full steam in January. The goal is to make the marginalized Nigerian girl child globally competitive through education which potentially elevates her and her family from poverty. God help me to raise the money I need to start off with 15 to 20 girls at the Nursery level in 2017. It’s a tall task but hey?

9. I am much much broker than I started out the year, but I am at Peace.

10. When I pray – all I say is thank you Lord. That is it.

My motto for 2017 is “clear eyes full hearts can’t lose”! Go figure.
What about you? What did 2016 teach you?


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  1. Wow! wonderful testimony! I thank God for your life…He is ever faithful and merciful.
    About the twin boys…(wink wink)….I’m just here laughing…I guess that’s the plan for 2017! Children are always a blessing dear.
    The school for Girls is a great plan too.
    I wish you a beautiful 2017.


  2. Chrisyinks // January 1, 2017 at 01:34 // Reply

    Glad about the wonderful joys in your life. 2016 showed God being gracious to me in more ways than I’d ever imagined….. Happy New Year Pynk, Happy New Year everyone.


  3. Wonderful testimonies,I have come to understand that when we leave everything to God He just shows up in a great way. Twins again??? God’s got a huge sense of humor. I love yoruba names.

    I Love the girls education initiative and it pretty much going to be big,i am positive about that. Happy new year Miss Pynk, Happy new year Everyone.


  4. Oh Ms Pynk I love your testimony. I learnt more in 2016 about the power of faith. Amazing! Glory to God! Just look at you.
    With the dreams of twin boys! Haha! Your husband who as you said, was okay with having 1 will just change his heart totally and christen himself Abraham -father of nations!

    Also, I almost can feel the peace and thanks you have, truly, even though as you said, you became ‘broker’. I believe it’s also as a result of your faith in God(somewhere at the back of your mind)- you know you’ll never have it bad and what you need is to start up things when you’re ready and it will go well, even it all looks blurry right now.
    I’m also talking about how I feel about me too, lol.
    I also thought about your school a little while ago. Step by step you’d get results, Amen.

    Have a happy new year -you and family.


  5. www.thelmathinks.com // January 2, 2017 at 12:14 // Reply

    I’m so in love with #8. Kudos mami, more grease to your elbow, more power to you, your millions in your pockets, more anointing in your ministry… Lol. The Internet can be a very silly thing but it’s got it’s great sides and one of them is that I get to know wonderful people like you.

    Have a great 2017.


  6. I look at 2016 and say THANK YOU LORD. Was delivered from making one of the biggest mistakes in my life. It would have ruined me. For that alone I am thankful.

    Lots of babies popped up in my life (from friends and fam), including miracle babies conceived after years of waiting patiently.

    Your thanksgiving brought smiles. Especially the part of twin boys. Oya tell Mr. R to start getting ready to be the proud owner of a mini van. lol


  7. Happy new year to you and yours ms. Pynk!!! A more prosperous and fulfilling 2017 to us all in Jesus name. Amen.


  8. First time commenting here. Came from TTB.
    Love your testimony. Someone once told me no guy in the city I live in was looking at my face to date me. God put his words to shame. . . I got married months later. A lady told me after my wedding that I have no waist to bear kids, I am waiting for God to prove the lie of her words.
    Love your idea about the school. Hope it has a long term plan.
    Will be more regular commenting, both here and on TTB.
    Happy new year.


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