Happy Holidays

Our Attempt at a Christmas Picture 😂

I wanna “wich you a melly Christmas from da borrom of my heart, felix na guitar”….sing along. Have you seen the Christmas video the Nigerian Paramilitary choir group made? If you haven’t google it, I won’t post it here before una curse me.
I have been very sick the past week, to the point my sister in law had to come help out last weekend. I asked my husband to bath the girls and he said no because its too rough (I dont bath them with sponge oh, we use washcloths). I said ok dress them, I will bath them….I came out to my second born screaming her lungs off and powder all over my hubstar’s kaftan. I laughed so hard despite my miserable state -runny nose and all. Thank God my Girls didnt get what i had sha.

I finally got to set up the nursery – our colors are black, white, pink and small gold. You like? 

Not fully done still have to put up their Initials and door letters, but glad the girls dont have to share a crib anymore- it means less waking up for me at night….no one is kicking anyones face and no risk of SIDs.

The picture below is pretty much how I feel most days….It seems like they know what they are doing to wear their poor mama down….

I wish you and yours happy holidays. 


8 Comments on Happy Holidays

  1. Happy Holidays pynk. All I see is beauty, beautiful cribs, mother and of course super beautiful babies. Do enjoy tis season of merriment.


  2. Happy holidays, the room is amazing. Pele it will get better


  3. www.thelmathinks.com // December 25, 2016 at 12:19 // Reply

    Get well soonest OAD. The nursery is beautiful. Merry Christmas to you and the twins and the twins’ daddy. God bless you all.


  4. You look beautiful despite being tired. Your babies are beautiful and their nursery is lovely.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.


  5. Happy Christmas Ms Pynk
    Your kids are beautiful


  6. Beautiful beautiful pictures! I wish I could transform your babies’ room to mine!

    Merry Christmas Ms Pynk!


  7. Compliments of the season to you and yours Ms Pynk, the twins are beautiful


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