Does Anyone Really Need This Many Degrees?

I was minding my business as usual on instagram and I came across this story. Nigerians and maybe some other Africans seem obsessed with degrees and accolades…we don’t seem as obsessed with solving actual real world problems. Why does one human being need so many degrees outside of saying they have them? Do you truly gain that much knowledge during the course of studying for degrees especially  if you have attained  a certain age and certain level of professionalism? If you have  been in the business world for instance for 20 years and have accomplished a lot, what is the use of that MBA? Of what use is an MBA to a Dangote for instance? Credibility? He has already  proven beyond doubt he has the knowledge and  skillset to run the business..

My people share your thoughts.I still  have one degree to chase and for me its simply to make me more credible as I make my career change.

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  1. Well he says he has a day job and just enjoys learning …which is fair enough. the rest of us spend the same amount of time watching TV, GOT etc


  2. I have a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, a masters in Petroleum Engineering and in less than two years time, another masters in Engineering Mgt (hopefully).

    Personally, if I had to redo it all again, I’d probably just do a bachelors and executive courses/non-academic degrees. I feel if one isn’t in the academic field, concentrating on having so many degrees can preclude one from achieving what’s most important – the use of gained knowledge to improve humanity.

    Hence, for me, it’s not so much about the degrees, but what those six degrees have been used to accomplish. Overall, to every mallam, his kettle.


  3. // December 18, 2016 at 21:03 // Reply

    Its good he has an actual paying job. We’re all wired differently. His does unfortunately sound like some sort of addiction or something he does so that he can say he has 100 degrees. Anyways maybe he genuinely just enjoys learning, even though its a damn shame he’s not using all that knowledge for anything. At the moment i have absolutely no plan to get any such degrees again, but i’m looking at taking a business course at LBS sometime next year. (And only courses that would help “quadruple” my money after that).


  4. Who is paying for all these degrees? Unnecessary expenses is what I call it. If the areas of studies are related, he’s probably not learning a significant amount of new stuff. He needs to get a life and stop using degrees to fill up his emptiness.


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