While We Were Complaining..

So things have been generally  difficult for a lot of people in 2016. The exchange rate went to hell and is still currently in the clutches of Satan.- since we always blame him for all things bad anyway. Many things we use in Nigeria are often imported so this affected us in so many ways. It made many of us poorer- if you had N500 million at N200 and N50o million at N485 your purchasing  power has more than halved. 
Back to the point – many of us are so caught up in our struggles that we fail to even just stop sometimes and appreciate what is going on around us. In the midst of all this madness, people are getting creative. Some people are making money, some others are setting the foundation for their future etc. What have you been doing?

I came across a satchet of powdered egg and I just sat and though to myself – this thing is made in Nigeria. If the price is the same with or cheaper than regular egg, can you imagine the market for it? People without electricity  can buy it and keep it, people without refrigerator can buy it instead of fresh eggs and not run the risk of the egg turning into a chicken  or just going off. Also people who cannot quite afford a whole egg can use it multiple times after it has been opened. You see how I listed some of the reasons the product will sell? 

I have gotten  to the point where I am tired of hearing myself complain. So I have decided not to complain anymore and simply enjoy my life and look closely for opportunities as easily as I find problems to complain about. 

I am making a decision to be positive. What is your current situation and attitude? 


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  1. Wonderful piece of advice.


  2. “…….. and look closely for opportunities as easily as I find problems to complain about.” Beautiful!

    It’s amazing how people come up with out-of-the-box business ideas. And truly, there are many positives about this enterprise notwithstanding obvious negatives.

    I need to explore the business side of myself more than I currently do….my default setting of always thinking through stuff isn’t making me commence my ministry. Nonetheless, I’m happy for the year and look forward to the New Year with so much hope. Now,…..it’s time to celebrate Christmas!


  3. www.thelmathinks.com // December 14, 2016 at 16:01 // Reply

    What exactly is powdered egg though?


  4. I too rarely complain about things. I choose to see and appreciate the good things around me while thanking God and praying for more.


  5. Oh and I’ve been thinking of what business to start up…not easy though.


    • Lounge my dad always says – nothing is easy, not even robbery. And this Nigerian environment makes it worse, but we have no choice but to soldier on and do what needs to be done


  6. But come oh…..what is in this powdered egg? Do they cook egg, dry it in intense heat and blend to powder form?

    I personally won’t eat this sha. But then again I’m probably not their target market. I’ll always take from scratch over processed stuff.

    But the message is definitely not lost. there is money to be made in the midst of all these wahala going on


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