Hey everyone. It’s a new month – the end of the year essentially. It’s December. how are you feeling?

If you are in Nigeria – you are probably fed up with hearing about Toke’s book “Becoming” – which should have been titled “Maje and others” in my opinion. Yes I have read the book and it fell really short of my expectations ( why I had any in the first place beats me)  and in my opinion she has not utilised her voice properly. I believe she has a lot of healing to do and a lot of self discovery to also do along with it…based on all the contradictory messages she delivers. Many times we cannot separate the message from the messenger – so for me the book was not it. 

Moving along Christmas is in 23 days and honestly I am not feeling it at all this year. I realise I don’t even have a Christmas tree, no Christmas pictures in the works for the babies – nothing. Maybe I will wrap them packs of diapers and put under my MILs tree. And wrap like 10 cans of formula for my husband😂. This is the mischief maker in me talking.

I was hoping by a miracle I would have been able to do 25 days of Christmas giveaway on the blog, but it is not seeming so…alas the year hit me a lot harder financially than I originally anticipated…maybe things will improve in January. All in all i am grateful even though my existence seems centered on cleaning poop, feeding and ooohing at my teething baby girls. I have been up since 3.30am and they have refused to sleep longer than 30 minute blocks. The reward for parenting twins must be in heaven because despite having help I feel overstretched.

What do I want for Christmas? Just one full nite of drug (tylenol pm) induced sleep in a luxurious bed and then be served breakfast in bed when I wake up the next morning and like a rice sack full of candy. I can’t think of anything else. As stiff as things seem, I think I have most things I need in my life. 

PS: the thought of shutting down this site keeps creeping up more and more. I know folks have asked me not to, but many days I am running on fumes and from an idea standpoint I get writers block- as if I was ever a writer to begin with. I also struggle with the balance of bringing real life issues vs me me me stories….I don’t want to have this site centered on my life for obvious reasons, I don’t consider myself a ligestyle blogger and would rather not make my life and open book like that.

How about you? what are your current thoughts as we close out the year?


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  1. Don’t worry Miss Pynk, you’d be fine. Financially and otherwise. Whatever you choose to do, we understand. Nursing twins isn’t an easy job.

    As the year comes to an end, my heart is filled with gratitude to God. I didn’t get all I wanted or needed this year but I’m grateful for the peace within my heart. I’m grateful I got closer to God. I dread Christmas and the activities of the festive season. 20th makes it 4 years without my sister. My mum isn’t over it yet as she broke down during her posthumous 5th year wedding anniversary in December. God’ll see us through.

    Warm regards to your sister in law and her children. Strength and comfort to you all.


  2. Enjay and Pynk plenty hugs to you and your families. May God continue to comfort you.

    Gosh so grateful for this year. God delivered me from making the biggest mistake of my life in Jan. Thanks enough to be thankful for. But no he’s blessed me and mines in many other ways. Don’t have it all, but peace of mind I have and that’s a beautiful thing.

    I am so gingered about Christmas already. It’s the most wonderful time of the year.


  3. Chrisyinks // December 3, 2016 at 09:28 // Reply

    Enjay and Pynk, My prayers are with you and your families.

    Grateful for the year and how it has turned out for me. Started school in the US after a brief hiatus and thankfully, I’m adapting very well to the change in the environment. I saw God’s grace in my life in more ways than I’ve ever known and I am glad He still considers me friend. Thankful for family and how He’s been faithful in more ways than one. My younger sister got called to the bar a few days back and I’m glad to see her racking her accomplishments.

    Would be spending Christmas with extended family and it promises to be a delightful one….looking forward to that. In recent days, I’ve been most thankful for God’s grace and overwhelming faithfulness….despite my numerous failings.

    PS: Pynk, what can I say? Motherhood has its own challenges…and I hope it gets easier by the day for you. Oga should fulfill your Christmas wish naw….it’s not that difficult.
    To keep the blog running, let me suggest that regular blog readers/commenters submit posts with whoever that starts the trend nominating the next person and what the person should write upon. posts should be a few paragraphs possibly less than 200 words. Reasons to be thankful, planning for the new year, what December means to me etc can be a good starting post.


    • Chrisyinks thanks. Congrats on school, I hope you are enjoying the sanity of the US- well minus the Donald Trump saga sha. I am accepting submissions- I dont want people to feel one kind with the nominations.


      • Chrisyinks // December 5, 2016 at 02:00 // Reply

        Thanks Pynk, and Enjay for your kind wishes.

        Well, its been an interesting and enlightening experience so far. Also an expensive one. Not fussing so much about Trump, would be counting on the checks and balances of the American system of government to check his excesses.

        Per submissions, I’d continue the trend…let’s hope someone starts it.


  4. I had my baby girl on monday 28th Nov, and that is the best gift of 2016. I am grateful to God for a lot of things, and it will be selfish to say that this year hasn’t been a good year for me.

    Motherhood isn’t beans & I get so confused on what n what not to do (my sis thinks I’m stressing over nothing as baby is just 5 days old + we r still in hospital).

    Maybe I should share my pregnancy + birthing experience one of these days….☺

    Enjay & Pynk….The Lord is ur strength
    God bless us all. amen


    • Congratulations, dear! The year wrapped up with a great gift for you. 🙂 don’t worry that lovely head of yours, you’d be out of there in no time.

      Thanks for the love, everyone.

      Chrisyinks, congratulations! Success in all you do.

      Bee, that thing called peace of mind is something else. It’s the real deal 😉


  5. Congratulations Nkechi.
    Ms Pynk and Enjay, may God heal Your families of the pain of losing a loved one.

    Ms Pynk , one day at a time till beautiful bambinos grow bigger. Well done


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