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Maybe my Dad should go sign up for divinity school. So today my dad turned 65 and in my family we don’t celebrate many things – birthdays included. We pray and move on- if its for a child we generally buy cakes go to school etc. Ok let me stop fibbing it wasn’t that basic. My dad had this thing where you took party packs and cake to school, then you chose whether or not you wanted a party or the money. You can guess what yours ttuly always picked….lol.Anyways when I got married in 2014 – I did my Zanzibar reception decor by myself for about 8 or so tables with about 60 guests. The shipper had messed up my cargo and ocean freighted the stuff instead of air cargo so i had to do a second shipment which they did for free from New York. I had used picture frames from the dollar store as table numbers and somehow ended up bringing back a few of them in addition to the mis-shipped  cargo-  I didnt really pack with care coming back from zanzibar so some broke. I had a total of seven picture frames.
I have twin nieces that were born in March 2015, my folks were on grandchild 5& 6 and my dad one day said his mantle was too crowded and my three brothers were essentially just bringing pictures in whatever damn frames they pleased….lol. So I remembered I had a few frames in my house- I always seem to have random sh*t laying around. I told him I would check and see how many were salvageable. I checked and there were 7. 

So the next time I went by the house I took all 7. One of my sister in laws was due in August 2015 so that would have brought grandkids to 7. My dad looks at me and says he needs two more. I am like why? He goes oh for you….I am like err my husband only wants one child and he goes but you will probably have twins. i remember thinking well lets even get pregnant first- after you have passed 30 as a woman – you cant help but wonder about pregnancy and child bearing. 

Essentially my father predicted the twins a few months to their conception….crazy isn’t it? Maybe I should ask him why he hasn’t gone to bible school yet. A lot of other things he says come to pass too. But the guy likes jaiye jaiye too much to give up alcohol sha. 😂😂


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  1. Or you can buy your dad that prophet form advertised in the previous post! Lol. He already has shown there’s ‘the calling.’


  2. Lol. Baba jaiye jaiye


  3. Happy belated birthday to your dad. May his need for more frames never end 😉


  4. My friends mother in law predicted her twin boys 2 or 3 years before they were born. Even named them Peter and Paul.

    Fast fwd she has twin boys and couldn’t imagine her sons being called psquare. But MIL had predicted years ago and named them. And that’s how the boys got their middle names. lol


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