Na So?

Hmmm as per recession things and the usual taking advantage of people business in the name of religion, this one too has cropped up. Isn’t the said anointing by calling from God? Or do these people annoint themselves and call themselves too?

Sorry I have been MIA – I am around just exhausted most days – 2 teething babies who refuse to eat and think waking up at 4am is the way forward. I was celebrating them being sleep trained at night, now I have to nap train on top. Pizza looks like she wants to start crawling and I am not ready….no no no slow down.

Is it just me or it doesn’t feel anything like Christmas is coming soon? Everywhere is just dry – anybody that wants to send me Christmas gifts I accept cash, baby food (aptamil 1, cow and gate 1, enfamil 1) and diapers (pampers -baby dry or swaddlers – huggies tooo dey leak abeg). 😂

I need contributors to the site…I am tired most days by 10am and I am starting to think I need to hang up my shirt and move on. 

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  1. Good to have you back. Funny post for prophets. Merry Christmas in advance. Happy Thanksgiving.


  2. Hang up your shirt and move on? I in move on away from this blog? E jo , ma se.
    Just take it easy. I can’t even imagine the work- physical and mental, you’re doing with the two babies. Well done.

    I was wondering how a working mum who wants to be hands on in caring and raising kids till at least primary can do so in this Nigeria. You have the privilege of being able to work from home. What About those who can’t telecommute? Is resigning and kicking of career later okay?


    • Lounge I am tired is an understatement of how I feel most days. And it feels like confusion is the order of my day – I just need to sit up and work at being more productive really.


  3. That’s how I forgot about the prophet making advertisers. There’s nothing someone won’t see in this world sha.


  4. Pls dont hang your shirt oh, we are patient so will take whatever we get from you. It must be tiring but hey that’s why we are moms…..Enjoy each moment


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