Stay in Your Lane

One thing I continue to notice about Lagos that makes me shudder is this race that when it comes down to it is not a race. People give themselves high blood pressure trying to keep up with the next person, while the next person is trying to keep up with someone else.
Nothing in this life is a race or a competition- your life is just that your life. If you spend it watching what other people are doing or feel the need to constantly defend your actions to people you claim don’t matter – then you have essentially made yourself a slave to the race.

A lot of social circles come with a lot of pressure – pressure to do things which at the end of the day don’t matter. More so too many people want to be known- for doing what exactly? Go and find your purpose and live it if you haven’t already found it.

If you over expose your life to virtual strangers should you be offended if they have opinions on your life? Do you still deserve privacy? Too much different nonsense I have heard in the last two weeks – who is gay,  who is having too many kids, who is sleeping with peoples husbands, who is struggling with getting pregnant, finances etc is just alarming. The saddest part is you hear stuff from people who are supposed to be friends with these people.

Pick your friends, keep your business in your home and make sure your relationships with people are value driven. However if you are on a quest for popularity, please ignore all and by all means make it do what it do but don’t complain when people deem it fit to criticise your life.

MEANWHILE ANYBODY DON SEE CLARE? 😂Clare pleaee check your email.

I hope your week started off on a good note? As for me my week is just one kind.


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  1. As usual, refreshing.


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