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I was minding my business on Instagram and I saw this post in instablog. The essence of the story – a mother was rightfully upset when her child was injured in school and no one could give an answer as to what happened and she was also insulted in the process. of course she involved the police and then took her child back to the same school. read below and then let’s talk…

 I saw thie post and remembered an incidence that had to do with one of my younger brothers. Three of us attended a private school in GRA Ikeja and my immediate younger brother came how with a paw print on his face he was in Primary 1 or 2. Because a lot of us lived in the neighborhood we would all walk home together. My mom was usually home from work by 3ish so she was home when we got home. She saw his face and started screaming and then didnt let him explain. My dad’s office was in Illupeju and he rushed home and saw the paw print. He asked my brother what happened and I think he said he was talking when the teacher asked everyone to be quiet. 

Anyway we knew the next day was action time sha based on the rage. My dad didn’t call the school office to say he was coming in. My dad hardly ever openly displays anger so my mom knew to follow him that morning. As soon as we got to school, my dad went to my brothers class and asked for the teacher…the paw print was still on my bros face – na so we yellow reach for our house. My dad asked her if she slapped my brother- she answered yes. Omo next thing we heard was a resounding gbosa on her face. Then my dad took us to the principals office and showed the principal my brothers face. Then told the principal what happened and then asked for the propietress to come in. My dad asked for the teachers resignation and told them if she wasn’t sacked he would boycott the school and ruin their reputation in the dailies as it was a Private butter-ish wanna be school. The teacher lost her job and I don’t remember us pupils receiving any punishment outside of standing outside the class, copying 500 lines over and over or arranging library books after that. Flogging was at an all time minimum.

Now my only gripe with the mother is she took her child back into an environment where obviously her child wasn’t really a priority. Many school administrators don’t see your child, they generally see the money. Education and church business are two very lucrative ones if done correctly. 

As for the school they should be sanctioned. Whether a child should be left in school till 7.30pm thats a whole different conversation. The school should be fined by the Ministry of Education in regards to how the complaint was handled, they should refund unused portion of the school fees and pay any resulting medical bills in addition to offering a public apology to the family of the child.

Our children ought to be our most precious cargo and often times a lot of us are so caught up with this business of life that we forget that we need to be overprotective of them. 

My thoughts on this issue as an aspiring administrator is if folks cannot account for how a child got hurt while in their care, they should not be in business. Folks when you go to assess schools for your wards, always gauge the enthusiasm of the person showing you around the school, make two or three oddly times visits – it will help you gauge the environment your child will be in. 

Keep in mind some teachers in Nigeria are not in the field because they are passionate but because they were unable to secure better jobs. A lot of random private schools in Lagos state do not pay well and do not have decent welfare packages for their teachers. I have heard of teachers earning N17,000 monthly in private schools…you can only imgaine their level of frustration- it will take and extremely decent human being to give a damn about your kids at that point.

Please share your thoughts on the story and how to wisely choose a school for your wards. 

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  1. I read the story and was weakkkkk. 0 compassion, no accountability. They deserve to be shutdown I’m sorry. Everything is just about money money money. We abuse the govt daily, but private citizens aren’t any better.


  2. It’s so sad reading what happened to the child and the school administrators’ behaviours. And a child in school till 7:30 pm? That’s what lots of working mum’s are facing now. It’s crazy.

    On how to choose a school wisely, I’m not very sure…maybe
    *visit on Open days and PTA (if school would agree) I say PTA a little it would provide an avenue to listen to what parents have to say about what’s been going on and the school’s responses.
    * ask for teachers qualifications and teaching and punishment patterns.
    * check to see classrooms, bathrooms and first a kit an who handles the first aid.
    * referral is good too.
    * school administrators should be ready to listen to and answer questions no matter how much, how else could they be pat or teach that to teachers if they themselves are not.
    * ask for common entrance records…if that’s useful sef.

    I would like to know what things look out choosing a school.


  3. Thanks to the Lord for provision for starters. Some moms work so far and hence it takes a while to get home, if they have no help they have to leave their kids in school till their return.

    I would have looked for another school for my kid but this mother may not have the luxury of time or money. The school needs to be punished, if my child falls in school or has a scratch and is treated by the matron, i get a completed form with time and drug dispensed. Barest minimum, treat the wound or are they saying they don’t own a first aid kit?


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