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If there ever is such a word, today is appropriate for it. America has followed the way of the UK and voted for hatred, racism, sexism and many more ills in the form of Donald Trump – a man that essentially embodies everything a decent human being shouldn’t be. While Hillary Clinton is far from a saint, I believe she would have been a better candidate for the position. 
Now not only has he won, Republicans have also won the House and Senate. That also means they will control the Supreme Court. Essentially if they want to anally rape every American without recourse- the next two years at a minimum will be the time to do it. 

Several things I can think of that can happen.

  1. Horrible trade policies
  2. They will find a war to fight
  3. The American economy will decline due to his irrational behavior
  4. heavy anti-immigration policies – the likelihood of birth right citizenship to be taken away, marriage citizenshup threatened, dream act threatened (if you came to  America illegally as a minor- go to college or serve im the military to get your papers). To think 29% of Latinos voted for Donald Trump after he called them rapists.
  5. Dual citizenship is under threat
  6. Over-turning Roe vs Wade- a woman no longer has the right to choose whether she wants to get an abortion or not.
  7. Womens right to access birth control through health insurance will be also threatened.
  8. Further regression in gay and women’s rights.
  9. Big businesses will further make gains.
  10. Crude oil prices will continue to be screwed.

Those are a few things off the top of my head that I can think of. The election demographics was resoundingly like BREXIT with essentially the older populace (quarter to die as I often refer to them) voting for these right leaning polices which favour primarily half educated racists who believe the world should be  WHITE.

I saw a Nigerian person post on FB in supportof Trump and to think the person was born in Nigeria. If you have immigrant parents or grandparents which is frankly a huge part of the American populace and you supported Trump- no comment.

On a final note even slavery is reversible with these people in power. In four years a lot of damage can be done. I weep for America as it has descended to an all new low.

And if you think you are in Nigeria and it doesn’t affect you? Think again- crude oil, policies, currency. 

My dear friends I welcome you to the new world of Trump and BREXIT. This is certainly the year of the ugly angry white man.

I wonder if Japan is accepting citizens abeg.

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4 Comments on Epic- Est

  1. Donald Trump the antichrist! Jesus come already..


  2. Chrisyinks // November 9, 2016 at 11:50 // Reply

    just sad!!!


  3. It was sad in school today. tears and all. I don’t get it anymore. I weep for the country we are leaving for our kids. Well not only a physical war are we going to fight we also have the Twitter war. It is sad.


  4. Quite sad, only Nigerians who are uninformed do not realise this affects us all. Remember that post on birth abroad, i had these fears then, about Trump and citizenship but refused to think he could win. The privilege of filing for a loved one et al will probably be revoked. Unfortunately, our country is currently in shambles, i really wonder if we can fix it. The avengers are constantly causing havoc and our economic leadership seem to be confused.
    Oh well i currently own only a Nigerian passport so it’s to sit pretty and do my bit.


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